Simply Done: A Master Closet Re-Organized

Feb 6

I see this image and immediately am back in this single moment…

Although this image of me taken in my organizing zone was snapped over 14 months ago…I can tell you exactly what I was thinking. What I was focused on. How my heart was feeling that day.

This project took place in November 2017.

A month and time in my life I will never forget.

I had just returned from giving a keynote speech in Canada. A trip I will forever remember – professionally and personally. My life was taking a scary, but necessary turn. And my heart, while shattered, was at the same time full. So full. Full of feelings I can’t explain just yet, but definitely included hopefulness and excitement.

After spending months prepping for the speech, I returned to work with a hyper-focused vision and mission. I had been pulled in countless directions leading into the speech and took off quite a bit of time to prepare…I was worried clients wouldn’t hire this company again. I had been turning away projects and clients in the months leading up to the speech to get my head on straight. My direction was a little lost.

Ok, under exaggerated. My direction was VERY LOST.

No more fitting space to return with a serious organizing vigor than that of a long-time, dear and very special client. The same whose linen closet has caused quite the stir up in my copyright world. ha! She reached out to me at the end of her rope with their shared master closet.

And I found there was no prefect space to get back to my organizing roots after feeling so totally out of touch for half of 2017.

This was your everyday basic organizing project. My favorite type…well, it runs a close second to anything requiring tools. Ha! All we did was declutter, categorize and add a few simple and minimal products to keep them organized moving forward.

To keep her sweaters tidy and give a definition to the deep shelves, I added shelf dividers

( shelf dividers )

Shelf dividers are a great way to create zones and keep your maintenance on point.

Another tough spot in closets are drawers. I keep organizing simple by adding a label to the inner edge of the drawer fronts. It’s another magic trick to helping you put everything away quickly and easily…and find what you need easily too. And not sure how you feel, but it looks pretty nice!…

( my go-to label maker )

For out of season items, I made the best use of the upper cubbies by adding baskets with labels. I mentioned we organized her closet in November, so the contents up top were bathing suits, shorts and other items she didn’t need access to right now. Be sure to add a label though so you don’t forget what’s up there!…

( baskets | labels )

When it comes to purse organization, I added a couple awesome solutions. Clear shelf dividers keep her clutches upright, but accessible and pretty. My friend Robin’s acrylic handbag hanger made an appearance in here too. These are awesome! You can see both items in the left section…

( clear shelf divider | handbag hanger )

After decluttering their shoe collection, we were left with several empty shelves. In these baskets we organized scarves, hats and other accessories…again, with a label…

Oh, and of course – their collection of GS Warriors gear! We need a special basket in every closet for our local sports teams…

The final touches included using her own items to re-organize and contain jewelry. Little dishes and baskets are a great way to contain your collection of pretty things.

Organizing this closet was more than just organizing. I remember thinking through business goals for 2018 and made a decision right here that I would go heads-down into this passion. I wanted to do big things and great work for families. Although 2018 was full of personal issues, like going through my divorce…it could not have been a better time to dig into the business. It was and has been a positive bright light in my life. And it hasn’t only impacted me – the work impacts families every day…and those of you reading here or following along on social platforms.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of you and this amazing POSITIVE community we are building together!


If you saw a product in this closet that you can’t live without, you can shop the post right here!…

Back soon guys!



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