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Mar 19

Before my home hits the market in a few short weeks, I have a long list of improvements to complete. I’ve carefully chosen the improvements in areas I know will deliver a great ROI. Kitchens and bathrooms, for example, are always a solid place to invest a little money. It’s one of the first spaces potential buyers focus on. I’ll share a bigger post in the coming days that includes images and commentary about the spaces I’ve chosen to zero in on, but the one project that is going to make the biggest impact around here is exterior paint.

I can only imagine the potential buyer driving up my driveway, rounding the corner to see a perfectly painted home. My property is so special and unique and I’ve said in this blog more times than I can count just how special this driveway is to me. It stole my heart from the moment I saw it…

Here’s a pre-driveway construction shot…

Here’s post-construction but pre-gates / pillars…

My list includes tasks I’ll handle myself and others I’ll need a little help with – for example, putting in new kitchen counters and updating my son’s shower in his bathroom (which is the old master bath). While I would LOVE to do those on my own – time, baby….time. It’s not really on my side at the moment. I’m busy getting quotes from contractors, painters and flooring experts. Of course they all have to deal with me and my “it has to be this way, though” issues. God bless them, I tell you.

Managing everything on top of a busy client schedule has been stressful and tiring, I can’t deny it. As much as my heart is hurting deeply and will continue to hurt, my heart is 100% into seeing this through. And I’d stay up 24 hours a day if I could to make that happen. I’m all the way in on getting this house to the next chapter. I may not be the person nailing that final dream…but I’ll leave knowing I filled this home with a tremendous amount of love and memories, poured myself into the details…and that I left it more beautiful than when I first stepped inside back in June 2013. I am definitely feeling a lot of emotions and will continue sharing, as tough as it will be to do. I really want to chronicle this journey and look back on the process.

Anyway, a good way to stuff my feelings aside (ha!) has been searching for exterior paint inspiration. Am pretty certain this house is asking to be painted white. I know, I know. You may either be thinking 1. “Of course she’s painting it white – everyone else is!” (I know, it’s a little annoying to see all the white farm houses around here)…or 2. “White?! How is that going to look?”

Since everyone is looking for a white house, I’m trying to appeal to the masses while also bringing it into the current century. Imagine a fresh coat of white paint AND an incredible new front door. Seriously, this is the ultimate dream right here…

( via Becki Owens )

Hello… You had me at natural wood front door.

Do you see what I mean? Love, I tell you. Love.

Since I have brick on the front of the house, I was beginning to wonder if I should keep it the natural red color / paint around it….or go ahead and paint over it. The only way to truly know how that would look was by searching online / Pinterest for inspiration. And I found a lot more inspo than anticipated. Searching for “white painted brick” unveiled a bunch more exciting options / updates. Suddenly, I found myself searching dutch doors as a front door, brightly painted front doors and natural wood pillars. Can you imagine how awesome that would look? So cute!

Here are some of my absolute favorites I have hunted down (so far) and the sources are linked below each image.

( via The Fox Group )

I have a dark gray roof so I know the house can stand up to white paint, but wasn’t sure how it would look without black trimmed windows or minimal black details around the house. Looks like that will work just fine…

( via Young House Love )

( via Style Me Pretty )

( via Coastal Living )

( via At Home In Arkansas )

( via Jim Schmid )

( via Better Homes & Gardens )

( via Studio McGee )


( via Mobile Bay Mag )

( via Steller )

( via AMB Design )

As I searched for white brick homes, my browser was flooded with unique front doors – both woods and painted…

( via Jen Woodhouse & Magnolia Homes )

( via Thomson & Cooke )

( via Pinterest )

( via Crisp Interiors )

( via Courtney Bishop )

( via Jefferson Door )

What I have decided is that I am not thrilled about a black front door. But I am obsessed with the light blue or navy front doors I’ve been seeing, and the natural woods are sorta crushing me…

( via Studio McGee )

And I love everything about that mat situation in the above photo too! Although I recently grabbed a bold striped rug for my front porch, I have a hunch it’s going to be returned in exchange for that layered rug set up! So beautiful!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on exterior paint so shoot me your comments!

Back soon with another home update you guys!



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  1. Sandra says:

    Hi Sam: I love your last few posts! Your yard remodel looks great, and I’m feeling the white house and white brick idea. I think you should add a blue door!

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