Giveaway x 3: My NEW Favorite Label Maker

Mar 11

*I have partnered with Brother for this blog post and giveaway. All opinions and commentary on my love of this label maker are 100% mine and genuine! 

Surprise – your Monday is about to get a lot happier!

Not only do I love sharing organization ideas, tips and client spaces with you…I also love sharing product recommendations. Especially when the product is something I actually use on the job and can’t live without.

Oh, and I LOVE hosting giveaways!

Anyway, my professional organizing job got a whole lot easier thanks to this new updated label maker…the Brother P-touch CUBE Plus…

Seriously cannot stop gushing about the P-touch CUBE Plus because it truly is impacting the labeling process in my business.

The labeling portion of our projects doesn’t occur until the very end. After everything is de-cluttered and perfectly organized, the surrounding spaces are tidied, vacuumed or broom-swept, truck loaded with donations or trash, and hands have been washed…it’s only then, after our long labor-intensive part of the job closes, that we finally begin labeling. As you can imagine, by this point, we’re pretty tired yet want labeling to be perfect and clean. Moving this process along quickly is a must so we don’t lose the little steam we have left.

It now moves so much faster thanks to the Bluetooth® wireless technology behind this label maker!

Using the app, which is how you design and print your labels, I’ve also been able to save our most frequently used label names…which means I’m not re-typing the same names over and over again.

This is a total game changer!

Couldn’t wait to share this giveaway with you, how easy it is to use AND share a little project I completed in my home office using the P-touch CUBE Plus!



Setting up the label maker is simple. First thing you’ll want to do is plug in the unit to charge. The P-touch CUBE Plus is rechargeable. I charge mine by plugging into my desktop computer…


While the CUBE Plus is charging, I installed the app I’ll keep on my phone for labeling on the go. You can choose from 3 different Brother software applications for pre-designed creative templates with a variety of fonts, frames and symbols.

I chose my model number, which is listed on the back of my P-touch CUBE Plus…


Once the app was loaded, I turned on the CUBE Plus and connected to Bluetooth®. You’ll need a wifi connection for this…

That was it – set up was complete and it was time to have fun creating labels! There is a huge assortment of pre-designed home and home office templates along with new templates created for retail stores and crafting businesses.

You can create custom labels up to 24mm (~1 inch) wide from your Apple® or Android™ mobile device or desktop…

So easy and fun!

And it prints lightning fast!


I couldn’t wait to update a little space in my office and add labels with the new label maker. In my home office I have 4 hanging wall organizers under my floating shelves…

I wanted to label the front of each – and in Sam-style, not in an obnoxious, loud way. I also had 4 clear file pockets to label. I use clear file pockets to organize active client projects and for home-related topics. It’s nice to tuck the files into the wall organizers but have a way to quickly scan the contents to grab what I need.

I labeled these 4 pockets…

And labeled the front of the wall organizers too…

Love the clean, subtle outline…

Loved making the SO | Home and Blog labels for the other 2…am so proud of this little business…

I tend to stick with classic tape colors and fonts, but there is a huge variety of tape colors to choose from…

And it’s always fun to organize your stash!…

They even have glitter tapes…

And the automatic cutter lets you create custom-sized labels!…

How cool is this?!


My friends at Brother P-touch know how much I live and die by their label makers. They are so sweet to keep in touch with me every month to see how I’ve used the label makers and even sweeter for offering yet another giveaway!


3 of you are going to win a P-touch CUBE Plus of your own. Entry into the giveaway is simple. Just follow the directions inside the Rafflecopter gadget below. And be sure to share with a friend who you think might be interested in entering as well! The giveaway is open for 1 week, ending on Sunday, March 17.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to win a P-touch CUBE Plus of your very own!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Sus Lew says:

    Thanks for the detailed directions! Never would have know there are so many styles and fonts.

  2. Martha says:

    Love that it’s compactand you can do it from your phone!

    • Samantha says:

      Yes – to all of that! It fit in my work backpack last week when we were on a project. Love it!!


    • Evelyn Santos says:

      I am a mom of 2 small kids and I’d love to organize their stuff by labelling them. And of course mine too. This labeller would be perfect.

  3. Marisa Curiel Garcia says:

    I need your organization brain like yesterday. Soon ti be a momma to #2.

  4. Leigh says:

    That’s definitely an upgrade

  5. Ginger Clemons says:

    I’ve never owned a label maker but this looks like a fun one to start with! I’m moving soon so I will be organizing and labeling a new house!

  6. Lena says:

    Omg, I was just thinking about label maker to label all my spice containers. Keeping fingers crossed.

  7. Amy Smith says:

    I’m a label-aholic. Love This! It’s so little too.

  8. Joy says:

    This looks so awesome and convenient. Love the outlined labels you used.

  9. Suzana says:

    I really like to have one of these to label everything in my house!

  10. Cindy R. Baker says:

    This labeler looks AMAZING! I would love one! Thanks for the chance to win one!

    • Samantha says:

      It really is amazing! I wouldn’t share it if I didn’t think so and I love Brother so much for offering to giveaway 3 of them to you guys. Means a lot to me that you read along and love to say thanks with awesome organizing products!


  11. Lisa Schenck says:

    This is awesome!! I would love that label maker!! ❤️

  12. Kris Walters says:

    This is awesome – need to tackle the study/office first. Your office is gorgeous, btw – so calming.

  13. Natasha says:

    So cool to have it as Bluetooth! I could use this for sure!

  14. Jacq says:

    I love the Bluetooth. My craft room always needs more labels!

  15. Michelle M says:

    Wow, this is SO MUCH more high tech than my little handheld labeler!!

  16. So blessed to have found your page… you’ve been motivating me daily to get up and get organized!

  17. May says:

    Looks amazing and easy to use to get organised at home!

  18. Gina Sockman says:

    The laundry room will be 1st up at bat and the bill pay system is next! #gogiants

  19. Sally says:

    What a fun giveaway!

  20. Carmen B. says:

    Small but powerful!! Thank you for sharing your ideas!

  21. Carol says:

    So many things to bring labeling love to! And Sparkles…..

  22. Kelly Korth says:

    This is an awesome machine and therfore a great giveaway idea!! Crossing my fingers I hope I win!

  23. Annette says:

    I love this. I remember the days of the old spin the dial type label maker. It definitely wasn’t as smart as this one. I’m looking at your folders and realizing that I need to do something with my bills and important papers. Right now I have them all in a shopping back. That means each time I need one I have to dig through it all. SoI I’d definitely create something similar.

  24. Caroline says:

    This looks so convenient! I need this to get myself more organized from bills to organizing my cabinets!

  25. Renee says:

    We just moved into our first home a few months ago and I am determined to clear the clutter and stay organized ! I need a functional home that is comfy and cozy and clear and free of crap. I would love this label maker for every room, especially my office and the kids playroom

  26. Erika Zavala says:

    I just can’t with the excitement of possibility wining this!!!

  27. Kathy Peach says:

    What a fabulous product loved the tutorial so easy to use. I would love to reduce my paper clutter and organize basic files.

  28. Hillary casey says:

    Great content! I just spent over an hour scrolling through everything. I love it!! I will definitely be adding this blog to my list!!

  29. Hillary Casey says:


  30. Jacki says:

    I would love to organize my pantry!

  31. Jennifer says:

    Being able to use an app would be life changing!!!!! This is such a cool device.

  32. Denese says:

    I love the wall organizer. It might work in my kitchen to organize the kids after school activities.

  33. Teri says:

    I can’t wait to win this label maker—I’ve needed one for a long time! Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love you’re site and instagram. What would I do with the label maker? Cue the manic labeling montage, ending with me buried in a pile perfectly labeled file folders. I am a teacher with A LOT of file folders. 🙂

  35. Nicola says:

    Need this to organise my garage

  36. Rani Stiles Brannon says:

    I LOVE labelers! I have to win this. Labeling is so awesome.

  37. Love everything about this label maker 😀 My house (my life) neeeeds this <3


  38. Kristin says:

    I love the idea of using the app to make the labels quickly and save them! Would love to use this in my office!

  39. Quincey says:

    I would organize all of my kids’ stuff! They are forever growing out of clothes and toys and I need to hammer out a good organization system and get on top of it all

  40. I am going to label our entire garage lol!

  41. Jeannie Williams says:

    I have a craft room waiting for labels 🙂

  42. Paulette says:

    I’ve been keeping my eye on this one. What a great giveaway!

  43. sara says:

    Ooooh, I’ve wanted this for so long!! Love it, and love your remarks about how to use it. The possibilities seem endless.

  44. Sheena says:

    My kitchen needs desperate organisation- actually it is organised- husband just chooses not to look at where I’ve moved stuff to! And constantly shouts “where is ….? I can’t find it” I love labels on everything!

  45. Amanda says:

    This would be amazing for my new craftroom!!! I’ve dreamed of having a room for all of my goodies and now I just need to get it organized! Especially my treasured photo albums!! ❤️????????????????

  46. Leslie says:

    I would love one of these for reliable labelling

  47. Jen Zagorsky says:

    This sounds amazing!! Yes please!

  48. Amanda Hammons says:

    OMG! I love this! I love the idea of glitter tape even more!!!!

  49. Robyn Muehlbauer says:


  50. Erin says:

    Labeling dreammaker right there!!

  51. Andrea Wiseley says:

    I just moved and have been dying to label my new organized areas, but I haven’t unpacked my label maker yet. This one looks awesome!

  52. Tara OBrien says:

    This looks like a great organizing tool! I definitely want to organize my kitchen pantry and label everything in it.

  53. Caitlin says:

    I’ve always wanted a label maker. This seems so user friendly! i’d start with my kids’ paperwork.

  54. Heidi LeMaster says:

    This labeler is SO cool! I’ve had my current Brother labeler for years so it’s time for an upgrade. LOVE your blog BTW. I enjoy organizing so I’m always checking it out. You keep me inspired!

  55. Carol Baxter says:

    I’m ready to trade in my old Brother label maker of 20 years for the new model!

  56. Kelly D says:

    I will use this to label folders in our filing cabinet.

  57. Jennifer says:

    I still use a label maker but this would be a fabulous upgrade!

  58. Tonya Horst says:

    I’d love to use this to label my kitchen!

  59. LESLIE A VANSANT says:

    I would love to have a labeler for my office!!

  60. Jamie says:

    This looks like SO much fun!! I would use it everywhere on everything. ????

  61. Vicky Siegel says:

    I’ve always wanted a label maker! Would love to organize my school and home art rooms!!

  62. Lisa McCarthy says:

    looks incredible. Thanks for the instructions!

  63. Zola Alvin says:

    I’ve recently started working and coming home everyday very tired. I am in the process of organising my home and sometimes I dont know where to start. Your insta posts have been a lot of help.

  64. Hope Wallace Hill says:

    We’re finishing up a major renovation with several new storage areas and a whole lot of stiff to organize. I would use the label maker for all of our new organization.

  65. Mercedes says:

    I’m in! I haven’t owned a label maker since the 1990s. They’ve come a long way since then!

  66. Alicia says:

    I’d love to use this in a kitchen… the possibilities are endless!

  67. Heidi Y. says:

    I would start in the kitchen and go from there! I live that everything can be done from a mobile device too – so convenient!

  68. Kindra Brusseau says:

    I cant wait to have your help in our new office! And I need one of those label makers statb

  69. Lynette says:

    I would start by labeling my BLACK HOLE of a filing cabinet! It’s impossible to find anything in it!

  70. Lynette says:

    Where did you get the clear containers for storing the labeling tape?

  71. mary says:

    Love the versatility of this label maker!!

  72. Julie says:

    I’ve never owned a label maker. I’m totally missing out! What a fun giveaway!

  73. Keri says:

    Oooh, I love a good tool to organize! Pick me. Pick me.
    PS- you are such an Inspiration. Thank you

  74. Becky says:

    I love this! I’ve been struggling with two different label makers lately and about to toss them and start over. This is just what I needed to see, and I love the instructions and ideas. I’m ready to rearrange and label files right now. Thanks!

  75. Sandra MacDonald says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the cube! I recently purchased the brother desktop label maker and love it for printing address labels. If I won, I’d definitely use the cube to label our drawers at the office as no one puts the stapler back where it belongs!

  76. Thanks for this giveaway! I’ve been planning to buy a labeler for my new AirBnB. I strive to make everything easy and comfortable for my guests and labeling shampoo, conditioner, etc. will really help.

  77. Ann Vajo-Stafford says:

    Just started exploring the idea of purchasing a label maker. I am 51 and just began creating my very own home office space after years of working from what ever flat surface in home was available. I am looking forward to starting out with what I hope to be a clean crisp light area. Labeling would be the way to go! Plus I never had real pretty handwriting so I like the possibilities with using the p-touch with an app. Thanks for sharing all you do.

  78. Tiffany Bush says:

    I so need to upgrade my label maker. Love all that can be done with the new technology

  79. Georgiana Foote says:

    Our office is a disaster! We don’t bother to check mailbox often. It’s a huge stressor!

  80. Lori Wademan says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!!!!!

  81. Shamile Mcbroom says:

    I would LOVE to be entered into this contest! I’ve never owned a label maker.

  82. Sarah says:

    I have 3 young kids and am trying to declutter and keep everyone’s things organized. This would be a huge help! Thanks for the detailed instructions on how to use this! It’s sounds perfect for my house!!

  83. Paula Myers says:

    Great timing! I am clearing out the paper clutter in my office and this would be great for labeling everything.

  84. Debbie Sandler says:

    The question should be….what won’t you use this awesome label maker for? Uhhh, pretty nothing…. everything in my home will have to be labeled lol. !!!!!!!

  85. Cindy says:

    With the label maker I would start by making labels in my kitchen. Everything is stored in ball jars , most of which presently have no labels.

  86. Blair says:

    Love your blog and stories!

  87. Colleayn says:

    This looks like so much fun to use! I wouldn’t have to print out labels and tape them on things with this.

  88. Shannon Sharp says:

    Thank you for all the details! I really like that I can see the text and fonts on my phone. I would use it to label all my craft containers.

  89. Nicole Caissie says:

    I would definitely use this in my scrapbooking room

  90. Jessica says:

    I just cleaned my office this week and my new files could use some snazzy labels! I might need to hunt down the glitter label tape just for some pizzazz.

  91. Andrea Gauthier says:

    Oh my goodness, this is brilliant, thanks for the details, need this in my life!

  92. Sue says:

    I am a quilter and a crafter and will label my draweres and bins.

  93. Elizabeth Santamaria says:

    Love how small the p touch label maker is…it could fit in my purse! Would love to make beautiful labels for my pantry, closets, office, even my garage!!!

  94. Michelle J. says:

    I’m going to label our pantry items!

  95. Christina Darmiento says:

    Thank you for the detailed post I have been researching label makers and this helped greatly!

  96. Claire J says:

    This label maker is exactly what I need for my classroom! Can’t believe how simple and functional it is. Thank you for sharing this!

  97. Brittany Pierson says:

    I would love to have it to label our office and playroom!

  98. Amy Rohrer says:

    I would use the labeled for ALL my school/teacher times and in my home pantry!!

  99. Krystal DeFranco says:

    I plan on using this with my clients

  100. Jennifer says:

    This labeler looks genius! I’m a label junkie but my labeler died recently and I’m lost without it. ???? This one looks amazing! ????

  101. Carolynn C says:

    This has really sparked my interest! How sharp is the printing on your labels? I have a Dymo LabelWriter and the printing is always fuzzy so I’d love to find a solution that prints sharp, clear labels.

  102. Lori says:

    I love have compact it is.

  103. Brenda says:

    So many things to label! Spices, my pantry, my files…….

  104. Pam W says:

    Wow-love the idea of an app and being able to keep the most-used labels! Have had my p-touch forever, and have loved it-but this is a game-changer! I have a small business, and would use it to keep supplies and finished products organized.

  105. Jen W. says:

    I’ve been looking to replace my old label maker dating back from the late 1990’s. Sure got my moneys worth out of it and would LOVE to welcome this one into my life.

  106. Robin says:

    Love all the your inspiration!! Thanks for sharing it. I’m In the process of a move with a 2 and 4 year old. Need all the organizing inspo and help!! ????????

  107. Lynne B says:

    Looking forward to labeling my pantry shelves in the garage.

  108. Angela sundwall says:

    I would relabel all my files, my pantry, my linen closet, and all my electronics. I love to have everything organized well and easy to access. I’ve labeled everything at work with a brothers labeler but I haven’t got one for my home yet. Your posts inspire me in my organizing!

  109. Gabrielle says:

    Would love to try out the Cube!

  110. Sukaina J says:

    I used to keep my office’s label maker in my desk because I was obsessed with it lol. Would love to have one of my own to love and cherish. ????

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