Simply Done: Bright and Dreamy Garage

Mar 3

You should know by now, the garage has become an area of expertise for me. It’s because I truly love this space *that* much. No space provides more of an impact than a totally decluttered, organized garage. Pressing that garage door opener button to reveal a perfectly organized space with room to pull the car in?

It’s what dreams are made of.

And my dreams are made of helping homeowners design and organize their garage beautifully. It’s the one space every family struggles with.

The Instagram community sometimes laughs but can’t help but just agree with me, those two words do in fact belong in the same sentence = beautiful AND garage. It’s a thing. Embrace it with me.

Honestly, when I receive that new client contact form via email…I open those with one eye closed and the other squinted pretty damn hard….all with hopes the note includes a plea for help with their garage. While some professional organizers throw their hands in the air and wave the white flag…count me ALL IN.

But especially with this framework, where I see beyond the clutter and can only envision the after…

This absolutely selfless, sweet, generous family of 4 recently built their dream home. They have yet to furnish most of the interior, but because they are sports-focused for the kids, the garage was one of the first spaces they wanted organized. It’s a 3-car garage, with one bay already zoned as an outdoor gym.

But between the endless sports equipment and their recent move with extra furniture living out here (this is normal!), they didn’t know where to begin.

They also have a lot of wall space – some full walls and some just half walls due to the foundation…

And they were dreaming of a garage mudroom / costco section in this corner near the entrance to the house…

When the Container Store had their Fall shelving sale, we jumped on designing a few spaces at a discount and the after is so incredibly stunning!

Step aside Carrie … your Manolo Blahniks don’t stand a chance. Hello to the real Lover…

( elfa shelving | bike hooks | golf organizer )

I could pass out right now.

To make the most of the vast empty space between these two windows, yet above the foundation wall, I designed two long rows of shelving to get coolers, bins and sports equipment off the floor…

Beneath the shelving I added utility track to add accessory pieces for hanging helmets, bikes, sports bags and more. This angle takes my breath away…

We took advantage of a sale on bins as well by using my favorite garage bins to contain items…

( weathertight bins )

Keeping in line with the crisp white and gray garage interior, I went with a black label

Their new signature SO garage mudroom turned out better than expected thanks to the immensely high ceiling. We had more room than we knew what to do with…

( boot trays )

Finally *everyone* was able to breath a sigh of relief…finding plenty of open space to workout, park a car…or just chill and take in the view…



If you spotted something you love in this garage, you can find the products I purchased throughout the post or right here…

Bike Hooks

Elfa Shelving

Golf Organizer

Weathertight Totes

Boot Tray

This truly was one of the highlight projects of my 2018 year. The bright walls, STUNNING floor and windows…and all that new shelving. Seriously a dream!

Thanks for reading guys –  back soon with another great project!



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  1. Michelle says:

    Beautiful!! incredibly efficient and pretty storage spaces like this take my breath away! *drool*

  2. Maria says:

    This looks great. May I ask how you decided to go with the white vs the platinum elfa components? I’m currently debating both, I think the white would be less obtrusive against my white garage walls, but the platinum looks more industrial. Ugh, first world problems I guess!

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Maria,

      I think the white finish looks cleaner but always leave the final decision up to the homeowner. In this case with their new home, they opted for white.

      Sam 🙂

  3. Jade says:

    Love it! What kind of floor is this? I don’t see a link in the post.

  4. Gwen says:

    Do you have any suggestions for what to do with garage floors? We live in a cold climate and while we have storage shelves we park our vehicles in the garage. We have infloor heat.

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Gwen,

      I wish I could help but I don’t have experience with in-floor heat in a garage. We don’t have that here in the Bay Area…sounds like a dream though for those living in cold climates!

      Have you tried contacting a garage floor company directly?


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