Simply Done: Minimal & Beautiful Bathroom

Mar 1

This one. She has a very deep, special place in my heart.

One of my first clients after moving back to the Bay Area, it was love at first consult.

She found me in an online moms group (I think? A Facebook group where I was referred or mentioned?) and although I was “working” for her, it was a fast friendship. We organized a few spaces in their rental home when they were just a family of 3. Then helped get them settled in their brand new home with a new custom master closet, an organized / detached home office, an unpacked / organized kitchen….and then a brand new organized master bathroom was soon to follow.

It’s not all glamorous – trust me. Part of the reason they ended up with a new bathroom is due to a pipe leak. It was a costly home repair project when they had nearly just moved in. New homeowners out there reading along will understand what I mean – you’re already writing checks left and right…so to have a major update like this when you weren’t planning on it? Along with a big issue under the front driveway right after move-in as well?

It’s a little painful.

Correction = a lot painful.

Oh, did I mention we went to a Beyonce concert shortly thereafter? Much deserved. For both of us!

Anyway, let’s get to the awesome happily ever after. Specifically THIS beautifully organized master bathroom…

Ugh – I organized this space back in September 2017 (yep, still playing portfolio catch-up) and today am still dreaming about these calming colors. It’s a small but stunning and classic space. When you’re in a pinch making fixture, tile, tub, etc decisions? She nailed it!

And I couldn’t wait to help them get re-settled and re-organized.

Using simple and minimal containment, I sorted out the contents and had them beautifully organized in just a few hours.

For this cabinet, I wanted to stay in the same calming color tone as the bathroom’s surrounding space…

( wood bins | labels )

Broad categories help keep organization on point…

( label maker )

( small acrylic drawers )

No challenge is greater than the under sink storage situation. These stacking drawers nail it every time…

( stacking drawers )

A bathroom wouldn’t be complete without perfectly organized drawers…

( drawer organizers )

No matter the contents or stage of life, there’s room for what you need…and more than enough space to be organized.

This beautiful master bathroom for 2 was so much fun to organize. Soon enough this family of 3 becomes a family of 4. Nothing I love more than the families who hire me…except when I’m watching them grow.


See anything you loved in this bathroom? You can shop the products I used right here…

Wooden Storage Bins

Label Clip

Shoe Drawer

Large Shoe Drawer

Drawer Organizers

It’s been so fun playing catch-up on projects I haven’t shared in 18+ months. There’s so much more fun to come…including some awesome new projects and events, like this coming week when I have an incredible new giveaway for you guys! Sneak peek…

Back soon you guys!



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  1. Paola Buendia says:

    Hi – I loved the clear acrylic drawers but when I tried to link on the images you said were shoppable, they only take me to pinterest links (and those also don’t lead to anything shoppable). How do we buy any of what you have featured? Thanks

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Paola!

      Thank you for letting me know! Not sure why the gadget I use isn’t working properly. I updated the shop the post section until we can get it figured out and you’ll find the updated links under the images in the blog post.

      Thank you!!!

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