Spring Sale: My Favorite Stock Image Designer

Apr 16

You may have noticed from time to time I add a beautiful photo with a text overlay. In general you’ll see them in the main blog image header, like this…

Sometimes I have added stock images to free pdf downloads I’ve created and shared…and occasionally have used them in my business for prettier presentations or business related handouts.

In all my years of blogging, and especially now in the highly visual World on social media, I can tell you with total confidence that beautiful imagery is everything! It’s the first thing that captures your readers or followers on social.

While I’ve spent countless years honing my photography skills – I can’t possibly be a do-it-all, jack-of-all-trades perfectionist in every area. Sometimes my photography cuts it and has to since I’m taking images of organized spaces on the spot. But if I want a beautiful blog header or image for social media or stock photo for the website, I need the help of real professionals and there’s nothing wrong with that. I love giving my business that little boost of pretty photography!

Since moving to WordPress a few years ago I really wanted the new site / blog to be pretty – and add more professional looking photos. I fell in love with Shay of SC Stockshop and her work years ago and dreamed of purchasing a full set of custom stock images. I mean – how cute is she???…

I’ve purchased individual stock shots from time to time, but never a full brand-builder set. Still on my dream list. Can you blame me – look at her images!…

Girl is beyond talented!

I love how feminine and bright the images are. If you’re doing any type of work online, like me, the images are totally relevant to us and our special niche businesses. Whether you’re a blogger, podcaster, designer, chef, baker, etsy shop owner or a business owner of any kind…there’s a brand-builder set or individual stock image on her site you WILL fall in love with.

I love how she has the site organized too – you can search by color or collection or by a keyword such as desktop or florals.

Because Shay is the industry leader in stock photography and her images are SOOOOO stunningly beautiful, they can be a little pricey. Worth it 100%, for sure!

You can imagine my excitement to see she is offering a Spring Cleaning Sale for 20% off everything on the site!

Rest assured I’ll be purchasing a few new images from her during the sale!

Little tip: If you join her newsletter, she sends a free stock image (in general, more than 1) to her subscribers once per month. Some of the images are seasonal which is amazing and helpful when writing posts around Christmas or New Years. She is very generous!

For my pro organizers or bloggers reading along here, don’t miss out on this great sale! It’s not going to be around very long!



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