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May 26

I’m equal parts shocked and not surprised by the fact I haven’t posted anything in 26 days. You have to admit, I was kinda on a roll for a while there – which felt incredible. Love this blog and sharing with all of you. Missed being here and loved feeling re-connected. Wish I had a video person following me to keep up with just how much happens in any given hour. There’s that much.

Anyway, I knew the streak wouldn’t last long because I sensed what was on the horizon. It’s been a whirlwind of every possible emotion this month. Not only emotions, but also the physical exhaustion. Everything from that last push getting the house ready…to managing every little improvement detail…to marketing the pre-event…to the broker’s tour…to the first (and ONLY) open house weekend….to the offer I accepted hours later (yes, it’s true!)…to my sister getting married…to mother’s day…to my son getting ready to graduate…to client projects…to squeezing in down time for my kids and people I love (love LOVE) deeply…and more.

So. Much. More.

I am sad.

I am happy.

I am excited for the new chapter.

I’m scared out of my mind.

Excited about the ongoing business opportunities that continue to roll in.

I’m tired.

I’m energized.

Frightened about how I am possibly going to get it all done.

Struggling through the emotions of saying goodbye to my house.

Not looking forward to the act of moving.

Are my kids going to be ok? Can we salvage our summer?

Will I be able to work this summer??

I’m all over the map had you not noticed from reading this intro.


All that said, few things heal me or lift my spirits more than a great organization project. There’s more than 30 on the books right now and hundreds completed you’ve yet to see. But I had to share this pantry from last week. She’s one of my favorite people on the entire face of the earth and couldn’t wait to help her go from this before…

To this after…

So. In. Love. with these wood and wire details!

You’ll notice my old stand-by’s, but lately I’ve wanted to up the game. I’ve been sourcing new and different products that are environmentally-friendly and sustainable. Products that will stand the test of time and also transition into other areas of a home later.

These stacking wire baskets and stacking bamboo organizers check those boxes…

( wire baskets | my favorite label maker )

I opted for a mix of some plastic, turntables and stackables to make this extra small pantry work overtime.

( bamboo dividers )

And topped it off with simple labels on the shelf and drawer fronts…

Those snack organizers…*heart eyes*…

( turntables | canned food riser )

To keep the floor wide open for stepping in, I updated her drawer system for something with a smaller footprint. These are from Target and helped us contain her collection of paper products and more. I also sourced a pretty floor basket to contain her reusable paper grocery bags…

( basket | 3-drawer storage )

Love those white oak floors! But love even more than she can see them again!

In only 3 hours we totally transformed her small step-in pantry – a space where she can now find it all…

When she asked me to move in for a couple months….well, honestly – with everything going on, I told her this could be arranged. Can you imagine?

A total pleasure and a project I had been looking forward to for weeks. Seriously.


If you saw a product you loved and think could work in your small space pantry, you can shop it all right here…

Remember you pay nothing more by clicking any links here – I share my expert advice on the blog just to help you in your own home…with your own organizing dilemmas!

Hoping to get back here soon to share everything that has happened at the house. Can’t believe I had a buyer so quickly…really is so bittersweet. Went OG this week by taking a trunk shot on my way out the door to this project. Making the most of my time left as the owner of this beautiful driveway. Going to miss this so much!…

Back soon guys! Hope you’re all doing well!



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  1. What a fab transformation!

    Well with the har work that went into prepping your home, no wonder it was sold so quickly!

    Enjoy your new digs

  2. Gee Dodds says:

    Wishing you all the strength and happiness you deserve during the next few months. You will be a great success, I just know that! ????????

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