The Beginning of The End

Jun 8

It’s the feelings I’ve been setting aside for months. I wasn’t ignoring them or planning on not working through it, just wasn’t expecting to have to deal with it all quite this soon.

I’ll share more about the home sale and days leading up to it – although it may happen by way of 2-3 posts because that much unfolded in a short amount of time. But I wanted to officially let you know the house sold. Quickly.

We had broker’s tour on Thursday, May 9, held open houses Mother’s Day weekend and scheduled offers to be reviewed on Monday the 13th. 1 offer came in very strong – and over asking. With what appears to be a lovely young and very sweet family with 1 child.

It really is bittersweet. I hope to share more about their story / move in. Word is she discovered my blog and social media accounts. (Hi, if you’re reading!) I obviously wouldn’t share photos of them or anything, I just loved their offer letter AND the fact she loves the kitchen – get this….AS IS! Can you even believe it?! I am so grateful this home found someone who loves its small charming kitchen as much as I did. Someone who won’t soon tear it down to build a $150k kitchen and knock down walls and move the front door.

Anyway, as my move out date approaches – quickly (I have to be out by Father’s Day … next weekend) – the pit in my stomach is swelling. I’m not feeling like myself – less-focused, not sharp, emotional, not sleeping, not checking or responding to texts or calls (and my email inbox occasionally brings me to tears)…and the sadness / fear of leaving this house behind has my anxiety ramped pretty high.

Deep down I know this all boils down to having to say good-bye to the house…AND moving…AND managing the change that is imminent. Moving is hard. I help families unpack their new homes all the time and, as you guys know, I’ve moved several times myself. I know the stress all too well. But I haven’t moved in 6 years and certainly not under these circumstances ever before. Or with 3 kids looking me in the face…they are totally dependent on me.

It’s scary.

My feelings have been all over the map – there are days I’ve felt so so sooooo down but it lasts for just a few minutes and then passes. When I feel down I try to focus on the positive in my life….which there is plenty of. It’s like I’m standing on a beach and the wave of darkness rolls in, over my head, knocks me over, takes the wind out of me…but then as quickly as it rolled in, it rolls away from the shore…and I feel and see the new next chapter right in front of me…and feel happy and excited.

But the wave comes back…as waves do.

Damn waves!

I have so many recent positive and happy events to share with you guys – like my sweet 8th graders graduation last week and all the special events around it…

And a spontaneous trip last week to Zion National Park…

Although I had no business leaving town with everything else going on, it turned out to be one of the most special trips ever. With incredibly special people. These are memories and times I won’t forget. The trip ended up being just the boost I needed for the week ahead.

But… now as I face the week ahead….woof.

In one week from today I’ll be moving everything out of here. Hopefully the move happens earlier in the week so I can breathe a little easier. My assistant and I were researching local movers yesterday … because your professional organizer buddy hasn’t even done that for herself yet. Ha! I’ve been so busy with end of school activities and helping other families get organized (wait until you see a few recent projects I did in between it all! Just stunning homes!) that I had yet to book a mover for myself.

Fun times! All I can say is never a dull moment.

Depending on available time this week and what all is happening, I have hopes to keep a pretty good journal of how the week ahead unfolds – feelings and more.

I’m going to miss my house tremendously. Thank God for this blog and all the projects I shared over the years. I have an amazing diary to read when I feel sad…or happy…

Thank you for taking a moment to read this post…and for ALL of your support over the years. This blog is such a special place and it’s due in part to you! Looking forward to sharing more.

Back soon guys!…

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  1. Ellie says:

    Sending love this week Sam. You are so brave and strong.

  2. I am feeling just a smidge of your emotions through the web, but my heart is with you! You can, and you will, do this! This is something I remind myself as a type-A person who wants everything to be planned ahead of time and organized: stuff will for sure go down and you might not always know what to do about it before hand or in the moment, BUT you can, and you will, eventually come to a solution, and everything will work out in the “end”. <3

    • Samantha says:

      Awe – such a sweet and thoughtful comment! Thank you so much!!! I appreciate it very much. And it’s true – somehow, no matter what the odds are, I manage to pull it all together…and my kids seem to fair pretty well.

      Thank you! I look forward to sharing more this coming week…there will be a lot.


  3. sara says:

    You write as well as you organize and I so wish we could all just get together and move you. Godspeed… I’ll be sending good vibes and prayers. xo

    • Samantha says:

      Oh my gosh – wouldn’t that be awesome! I can use all the support and hands I can get! Wish you were here!!! Thank you so much for the very sweet comment…and compliment. I always wonder how my writing is received…I just write from the heart.


  4. gee dodds says:

    Such respect for you! Best of luck for the next few weeks/months. I just know you’ll create an exquisite new beautiful home for your family… X

  5. Jenni Bell says:

    Beautiful photos of your home….I know you put EVERYTHING into it so that makes it all the harder to say goodbye. “Home” is where your children are so this is now just a “house”, a thing that can be replaced. So sorry for these hard times but through them you will grow as a person and certainly as a professional. You will now, unfortunately, be able to say to some special clients, “I know how you feel and let me just BE there for you”.
    Glad you’ve found time to write and share – you inspire me!!

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Jenni!

      What a sweet and thoughtful comment – THANK YOU! And everything you said here is true. Thank you for the reminders, the encouragement and the support being here reading and taking a moment to comment.

      Thank you!!!!


  6. Jann says:

    I find it wonderful that you found the perfect buyers to start new memories in that house. She wants to keep the kitchen the same…and she’s got a family to enjoy the thoughtful changes you made.

    I don’t envy this upcoming week for you. I’ve moved so many times thanks to Uncle Sam’s relocations. This current house is the longest I’ve ever lived in a place…9½ years and counting now. It’s strange not moving every 3 or so years.

    Anyhoo, I’ll be sending good vibes to you for the packing of things. It’s going to be a busy week but try to remember to take care of yourself.

  7. Tiffany says:

    It’s a big week! Remember that for every challenge and hard time comes so much growth and possibility. It’s so hard when you are in the middle of it, but so many times I can look back and understand why I had to go through those difficult times. ❤️

  8. Shelley Malacarne says:

    Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts. Your ability to make a house a beautiful home for your family is a journey we all want to go on with you, cheering you on. So excited to see your new chapter.

  9. Lisa says:

    You did such a beautiful job with your house and preparing it for the next owners. I can’t wait to see what you do with the next one. New post coming on your next house? Can’t wait!

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Lisa!

      Awe, thank you!!! Appreciate it very much! Getting settled here and will begin dripping in new spaces here and there. It’s a work in progress. Am hoping the garage is first on the docket!!! Of course 🙂


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