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Jul 11

A few days ago I shared a temporary closet organization project…as well as a hint into who may have hired me to do the job. Well, this is the closet where it all began…

This very sweet wife contacted me via Instagram after seeing this client’s closet

In my post I mentioned how I strategically place Giants hats front and center. Always. All other teams are kindly and neatly tucked behind. haha – Can’t help myself!

I had no idea she was following the feed so when she commented about needing my help…and then actually hired me / the team a few months later – pinch me!

As with the previous closet I shared, this one will stay confidential as well…but it was a total dream come true to work for several player’s families this spring. And it was ALL due to her first contacting me and then referring me to additional families.

So grateful!!

Anyway, I love a good challenge as you know and this space provided many. But one of the biggest challenges was her closet…

You can see the door has already been removed from the hinges – we did that…on purpose. We removed it because it swung inward.

If you look closely at the hangers on the left hand side, you’ll see they stick out pretty far. Not only could we not open the door, but once the door got to about 11 o’clock, it began pushing all of the hangers along the back wall. Getting into the closet meant you had to swing it open slowly, all while shoving clothes aside…and then step in and close it behind you to see the clothing on the right side wall.

Not to mention the issue of trying to close the door once you stepped out.

It was basically a total mess of a situation and the only solution was removing the door. We set it aside in their spare bedroom so we can rehang it after the season ends.

With the door off the hinges, it was an easy transformation to this beautiful after…

First up was planning how the clothing would hang. Again, if you look closely, you’ll see the corners were a tough spot. In this case, like I do in some pantries, I ignored the corners and focused on making the most of the left, right and middle spaces. I focused on each wall alone instead of trying to problem-solve the wasted corner space.

Then using low-cost, temporary solutions, I created a closet where she could bring in all of her must-have shoes, jeans and sweaters.

I know, you’re probably asking / thinking “sweaters?? it’s summer!”…have you ever visited SF in the summer?

Ok then.

Moving on. 🙂

I used all of the floor and ceiling space to make it appear as if she had a ton of vertical space…which she does have now.

My favorite go-to floor based shoe solution are these mesh stacking shoe shelves

I love these! Only $13!

And for the top shelves, I gave her loads of folded clothing space with these stacking shelves

Her husband’s closet, which is a sliding door reach-in style, received a little love too…

This guy takes after me and my minimalist roots. A very simple but classic wardrobe.

We also spent time organizing their dresser drawers, bathroom cabinets, kitchen and other spaces, but one of my favorite drawers in her bedroom is her workout attire…

While I am always coaching and teaching in this job, my clients inspire / teach me new things ALL the time. She loves to workout and has coordinating outfits that stay together. As I began unrolling her sets and separating into tops, leggings, shorts, etc…she stopped me to say she wanted them kept together. I loved this idea and that is why the drawer isn’t color-coordinated. This particular method of organizing works for her…and that’s the point. If the system works for you and keeps you on top of it – stick with it!

She was so SO much fun to work for and we have stayed in contact. Look forward to helping her pack up at the end of the season as well.


If you are interested in either product I chose for their closets, you can find the links throughout the post or right here…

Mesh Stacking Shoe Shelf

Stacking Shelf

Hope you enjoyed this client space and if you are struggling with a closet similar to this, that you found the inspiration needed to tackle it yourself!

Hard to believe it’s mid-July and I’m thinking about back to school already. How’s your summer going? Finding the time to organize anything or have you thrown in the towel??

p.s. I realized next month is August and can you guess what came to mind immediately? My favorite fall candle! Pumpkin Clove! Ahhhhh – so excited for August you guys! So many good things on the horizon!

Back soon!



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  1. Looks great, and so exciting to work with some of the players! That is how I organize my workout outfits as well! If I mix and match too much I won’t have a matching outfit at the end of the week, lol, so I like them to stay together. I actually put mine in gallon zip lock bags with their matching sports bras, undies, and short athletic socks. OCD much?

  2. Lauren says:

    I noticed you didn’t have laundry baskets in your closets, where do they usually go? And also, do you add a step stool for your clients to reach their upper folded items?

    Great job and thanks for sharing:)

    • Samantha says:

      Laundry baskets are in and around – just depends on space. Most people have them in their bathrooms…some in the closet. Some just a basket on the master floor that is tucked away. Some not one at all! 🙂 Just depends!

      Yes, most families has a small step stool already and it’s tucked aside.

      Thank you and am glad you enjoyed the post!!


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