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Aug 30

This blog post is sponsored by Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds® campaign.

With kids back in school, it’s full-steam ahead for this small business owner. I’m slowly getting the office organized, re-visiting open projects that were on hold over the summer, and starting to tick away at new goals for the business – like an updated website home page and overall cleaner online presence on the main site. We’re also searching for a videographer to help us create video content AND a cool branded video.

Juggling a lot – typical Sam. And the only way to stay on top of it is keeping organized.

Digital organization is a topic we’ve chatted about before, but when it counts I often find myself picking up my planner or a simple piece of paper to plan out my to-do’s. This year I’ve partnered with the Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds® campaign. Each month on Instagram I’ve shared a way to stay organized with paper. It’s been a seamless partnership because I do in fact LOVE and use paper all the time. And I love their mission! After sharing a few months of content with the IG community, I thought it’d be fun to share a little more details on the blog as well!

Actually, I’ll share another 4 posts related to getting organized with the use of paper – so be on the lookout for these additional posts coming through over the next few months. Excited!

Today I’m sharing a few ways I’m currently staying organized in the office and in business with paper.


Still absolutely obsessed with this planner!…

The pages are nice and wide with tons of open space to write. I love the hourly layout – it’s been helping with time blocking, which I’ve gotten into again to knock out batch-processing tasks like emails or photo editing.

The “top three” section has boosted productivity too!…

I have another small planner. Your girl just can’t get enough of her planners I suppose…


For measuring spaces and designing I am solely dedicated to graph paper…

This pad comes with me to every client consult and project. Every. Single. One.

Using graph paper, I map out spaces entirely, getting every last measurement. This ensures no guessing when I’m back in the office working on the design – no need to send an embarrassing, unprofessional note to a client asking to confirm a measurement.

I love how the grid squares keep my writing crisp and tight. These papers are kept in a client project folder…which sits inside my “active clients” magazine holder…which is also made of paper!…


The 2 white paper boxes on the counter are incredible, super inexpensive ($3!) and contain small office supplies. One holds backstock staples, glue sticks, file folder tabs, paper clips, etc…the other holds a colorful supply of paper sticky notes…

The paper compartment insert is everything! Keeps it all in order and from shifting around in the box…

On the topic of paper, am still on the hunt for office wallpaper. Hoping to have an update soon! I at least found someone who installs / hangs wallpaper. I thought that would be my big battle, but it turns out choosing a pattern has been the struggle. Ha!

Are you a paper person as well? I know many of you have a love of planning / planners too but would love to hear all the ways you use paper to stay organized!

Thank you to my friends at the Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds® campaign for being a dedicated organizing partner with us this year. We’ve been having a great time working together! Read more about their mission here! #poweredbypaper #howlifeunfolds

Back soon with more you guys!!



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  1. All this organization is giving me heart eyes! My paper supplies are always so messy!


  2. Tiffany Bush says:

    There is nothing like a paper planner. I use digital calendars and lists at times, but for really getting my thoughts out, paper is the only way to go. And the feeling of crossing items off a to do list…just not the same digitally.

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