Recipe: Hummus & Veggie Wrap

Sep 30

Talk about getting back to my old blog roots – for those who’ve been here a while, you’ll remember the days I shared recipes or tips about organizing coupons. I miss those days! Remember this chili recipe? It’s still one of our all-time favorites and made a comeback last week for the first time this Fall…

Although I don’t share those topics all that often anymore (really should get back to folding these in), doesn’t mean it’s not happening behind the scenes. I am still into saving money on our grocery bill, keeping the fridge / pantry organized for an easy week of meal planning….and am always working out / on the hunt for quick, easy, healthy recipes and snack ideas.

On top of all that – I’m navigating that never-ending quest to satisfy all the eaters in the house.

On average, 1-2 times per week we try a new meal or snack recipe. A few weeks ago, I ran across an idea that won’t be new to any of you…it’s been done many ways and in all sorts of variations, but that is why it’s suddenly so appealing to me = I can make it appeal to all the eaters around here by adjusting the internal ingredients. It’s a quick and easy snack idea, works well for lunches or breakfast, and you can easily make it your own with ingredients already on hand…

Tortilla Wraps.

Duh! Why had I not thought about this before?

The version we’ve been making the most is this protein tortilla filled with hummus, veggies and turkey or ham…

Hope that image is already inspiring ideas you can make this your own.

5 out of 7 in this house love it – so I’m claiming it as a win!

At the moment we are loving hummus with veggies…or hummus with veggies and turkey or ham. In this wrap I layered in some sliced oven-roasted turkey for added protein. As I’ve been slowly walking the grocery aisles for new ideas, I noticed the tortilla section overflowing with so many varieties – anyone else notice that? There’s low carb, light, flavored options like rosemary and olive oil… I took a while to read the ingredients but on my last trip discovered these protein tortilla’s

These have a plant-based protein source with 0g sugar and no bad fats! They are thin and really yummy too.

For our wraps I spread about 1-2 tablespoons of hummus…this is the one we like (not sponsored)…

Speaking of hummus, that is also a recipe we’ve been trying to perfect. I’ll share that one soon once we nail it!

To help with quick meals, I always have a salad prepped and ready in the fridge – or some type of pre-washed greens blend like arugula and baby spinach. So in this case, I had a salad chopped and ready from the night before. I added a handful of that which already contained chopped cherry tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers along with the turkey…

( food containers )

Then I topped it with a few garbanzo beans and one of our other new favorites – this awesome Primal Kitchen green goddess salad dressing

I roll it, cut it in half and add a side of fruit…

Really delicious and easy to make! And healthy!

Let me know if you guys are missing these types of posts and I’ll continue to add them in once in a while.

Have a lot of awesome projects and news to share with you – one biggie = found my video guy! I almost fell over when I found him too! We worked together a few years ago on a project and assumed he was way out of reach now. Turns out he left his company, went to a new company and started his own side hustle production company… so freaking excited you have no idea! Sharing video content has been a huge goal of mine – can’t wait to get videos on the regular. Including a branded video for prospective clients. You will take this job I do in a totally different light once you see all that happens behind the scenes. Writing about these projects just doesn’t even touch all the work involved – and it will be SO FUN to share a regular behind the scenes look in.


Hard to believe this is the last day of September – time is really flying. Someone told me there’s 92 days left. After I wanted to grab / shake them for having shared that…and then picked my jaw up off the floor / took a hard look at myself in the mirror…the truth set it. This year is blowing past. Hold on tight you guys! It’s almost 2020. What are you going to accomplish with the rest of your 2019?

Back soon!



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  1. Maggie says:

    That sounds delicious. I’m on a quest to find gluten and soy free wraps and I’m going to try this as soon as I get my hands on them (or when I finally find some time to try and to make them myself).
    Can’t wait to see your videos!

    • Shannon says:

      Try the tortillas from Siete Foods. You can get them at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Jimbos, even sometimes Walmart & Target, depending on where you live. And of course, Amazon. They have all different varieties. I tried one variety not too long ago, and they were delicious (can’t remember which one). Have a friend with celiac disease and she swears by them.

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