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Sep 19

Once in a while, I have the great opportunity to break away from organizing and blogging to share experiences / expertise in live interviews or podcasts. Still hard to believe anyone is ever interested in chatting about what’s happening in the business or how it’s grown…or even chat about me, my background or why I do what I do. But when asked or invited, I take a moment to reflect on how hard I’ve worked to get where we are today. And remind myself people are in fact interested in knowing – even though it seems so mundane on my end.

When I say mundane – I’m speaking to business topics. The families who hire us are nothing short of exceptional and I’d talk about them all day or how we made small yet impactful changes for them by way of organizing.

Anyway, it’s not perfect over here behind the business curtain. Trust me. Am working through some tough topics right now and am hopeful I have the right people on board to help push my goals to the end. But will admit, I’ve hit a sweet spot in this business – where I am still learning, being challenged and managing quite a few business growing pains…all while being fully booked for the next several months.

In January of 2018, I was interviewed by friend and colleague Jen of Pro Organizer Studio. Back then she hosted a FB Live interview series (among other things) and it was great to spend time with her and her sweet community of organizers. You can see that FB Live interview in this post.

But since then, and speaking of crushing goals, Jen started a podcast – which is already 29 episodes in!

#29 being an interview with me…


We connected after school headed back in August. Both run down and tired from a long summer home with kids, it was a casual conversation about topics like getting back into fall routines, projects I enjoy the most, how I became a Field Editor with Better Homes & Gardens, rebranding, choosing partnerships and more. It’s a casual interview and one I hope you will enjoy while out on a walk or cleaning / organizing something.

You can find the podcast on Jen’s website or download it on Apple or Google. Take a peek at some of her other podcast interviews / topics as well – Jen is a business coach and dedicated to helping women in this industry. She’s someone I admire and am grateful for her friendship and support!

Hope you guys are having a great week! We’ve been unpacking 2 of the sweetest families and can’t wait to share their spaces / stories.

Back soon guys!



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  1. Antje says:

    Hey Sam, I got it finally to listen to your (new) podcast – well done! And very nicely explained. You came along very professionally and warm. Keep on rocking, lady. Best, Antje

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