Simply Done: Walk-In Pantry Refresh

Sep 13

Earlier this week I shared a post-summer pantry refresh and mentioned we’ve received similar calls for help. And I love it! As I said in that post, it’s a great time to take a peek into the system I designed = did the system hold up?…how’s the product working out?…and all those great questions. My end goal is always to nail it for these incredible families, so I take refresh appointments seriously.

This pantry I organized back in May 2018 has held up pretty darn well, if I’m being honest…

( pantry v.1 May 2018 )

And thankfully my photography skills have improved in that amount of time too – ha! The above image is so yellow.

Here’s the updated pantry today…

As with the previous pantry refresh I shared, we were again able to repurpose her existing containment. The pantry simply needed a freshening and I tweaked the shelves / organization a bit based on what they were accessing most…and least.

This pantry has very high ceilings…

With her pretty entertaining items, I wanted to display them beautifully while still giving her visibility / access when needed. Hard to believe the holidays are fast approaching. Several platters are pulled out during this season – seeing them means she won’t forget their existence. We’ve all been there in those moments of running across an item we intended to use during a special occasion. Hoping this won’t be the case for her!

Whenever possible, I love using the homeowners platers and trays as organizing solutions. I do this for several reasons, but here’s my top 3…

  1. These items warm the space and make it uniquely “theirs”. These are items they love and generally match the surrounding aesthetics of their home. It gives me an opportunity to warm it up and not have such a sterile looking space with white bins and canned food risers.
  2. It saves money.
  3. It gives these items a space to live so we are saving space elsewhere.

You can see I repurposed her galvanized tray with handles to contain chips and a gold tray corrals tall olive oil and balsamic vinegar bottles. These are placed just inside the door for easy grabbing while cooking.

On the back wall, not much changed as the system seemed to be working well for this family of 6. Clear snack bins on the bottom shelf have proven to work well for the kids when getting home from school or making lunches…

Just a quick label update – previously the labels were clear. I added a white text on black version to make them pop. And I updated all the labels throughout the pantry to really clean it up.

Because we were there to do a pantry refresh, I see the bigger surrounding spaces as an opportunity to streamline as well. This just makes sense. Think dining room buffets and the nearby kitchen. But that also includes a butler’s pantry. These spaces tend to contain very similar items so our scope of work is more than just the pantry. In this home, if you were standing in the pantry looking out, you’d see this space…

The alcohol, which was previously way up high in the pantry, moved to the 2 upper cabinets to create more room in the pantry. And it made sense because this is where mom and dad are making cocktails or serving wine. We shifted the glasses to the upper shelves and made this little wall beautiful.

Speaking of surrounding spaces, while here we also cleaned the kitchen, refreshed her garage, added new labels to their children’s closets (one of them can be seen here) and I installed hooks in an empty coat closet to create a mini-mudroom for all the bags. Look for that post soon – with a little video too!


See a product you loved and would like to try in your own pantry? Here’s the full list of products used:

Handled Storage Bins

Clear Snack Bins

Wicker Baskets


Canned Food Riser

White Floor Baskets

White Labels

My Favorite Label Maker

Similar Silver Tray

Gold Tray

Glass Wine Decanter

Multi Phone Charger

This was a fun project to complete and hope it left you inspired to tackle your own pantry or kitchen organization this coming weekend.

Guys, we have SO MUCH to catch up on. I have a LONG LONG list of topics I want to cover but am on the hunt for a videographer still so we can really deep dive into these organization issues. Why are video peeps so hard to track down??

Back soon and hope you have something great planned for the weekend!



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