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Jan 9

This blog post is sponsored by the Paper & Packaging- How Life Unfolds® campaign.

In December of 2019 I created this easy and fun DIY Project Wall Manager using only paper and sticky notes…

It was a major game changer! I’m such a visual person and the wall manager kept me on point with our client workflow and company partnership deadlines. This also included clients on the waitlist and other tasks that tend to be forgotten if not front and center where I can SEE them. 

In my recent New Year’s post, I shared THIS is the year of streamlining / simplifying the business. In addition, I’m setting some serious goals…AND boundaries. Since my project wall manager worked so well, this year I created something similar but different yet still totally beautiful and made of paper. And it’s already helping me knock out goals – yep…just a few days into 2020 and I’ve already checked off a few goals!

As you guys know, I LOVE DIY’ing organization solutions and productivity hacks. And I love to use paper! Couldn’t wait to create something fun and motivational using only paper and a few supplies.

When I was set to create this paper vision board, I decided to hang it on the back of my office door. With the new office wallpaper and my hopes to have something else hanging on the big wall behind me, it just made sense…

Not easy to see but yes, in fact there is new beautiful white wallpaper in here. Look at this gorgeous texture!…

I see the back of my office door every day as I work with the door closed. And I wanted it to be beautiful…with ribbon and pretty colored paper adhesive notes, similar to the other version.

Creating it was so easy!


To create a vision board of your own, here’s the supplies I used:

22 x 28 Poster Board – Quantity of 3

Hole Punch


 Thin String

Something to Hang Your Board – I used a removable hook

Marker – I used a Gold

Sticky Paper Notes

Considering the available space on the back of the door, I chose a poster paper size that would work well. Then I punched holes in the corners to connect all 3 with string.

Using a gold marker, I labeled the top of each poster paper board with my category. This is where you can make yours uniquely YOU. For me, my 3 categories are:

Business Goals

Absolute No’s

Active Client Projects

We’ll dig into that category of “absolute no’s” in an upcoming post, but it’s basically about setting boundaries and all pertaining to business stuff. 

With the paper labeled, it was simply a matter of hanging it. I used a removable hanging product that was a bit prettier than the norm…because it’s my office and I want it pretty. What can I say?!

I hung the paper vision board using more of the thin string…

Then topped it off with a pretty satin ribbon…

You guys know how obsessed I was with blush pink ribbon this holiday season. I was *this close* to using it again but opted for light blue because this is the accent color in my business, our marketing materials and the blog (and new website!).

SO pretty!!!

From there it was simply a matter of adding my sticky notes to each section. I couldn’t wait to load it up!

This time around I’m using smaller paper adhesive notes. Love all the pretty colors…

I’ve talked about my sticky note organizer before but this one is just a few dollars! And it’s made from paper too!

Was in my happy place right here…focused and excited to kick off 2020 with a renewed vision and spirit!

So in love with this vision board!…

I set it up before leaving town for a short vacation. Excited to head back home to add even more paper notes – taking time away from work, the office and general life brought a lot more to the surface.

I truly hope you’ll join me this year in creating one yourself! And when you do, please send me a photo of it…or even better = one with YOU in it!

This project was created in partnership with my favorite campaign – Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds®.  They love crushing goals on paper as much as I do and it’s been such an honor to work with them all of 2019! Look forward to working with them more this year and sharing even more paper inspiration with you! 

I LOVE paper and I know you guys do too!

Back soon with more!



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  1. Patricia Justice says:

    Where did you get the sticky note organizer and the cute acrylic hanger thing?

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