SO Press: 2 December Magazine Features!

Dec 18

Last week on 2 occasions I was totally surprised to find December magazines in our PO Box. Both being magazines I LOVE and include articles I contributed to.

Being a contributor or called out as an expert is something I will always feel grateful for. Still can’t believe this is me / my life / my profession. I’ve mentioned it’s moments like these you have to take a minute to appreciate ALL the hard work. I’ve poured myself into the blog and this business. It’s truly my passion to not only help families simplify, but to reach a greater audience AND most importantly to share REAL spaces that belong to REAL families and how we’ve simply resolved their organizing dilemmas.

I don’t know…Life seems less stressful when you look around and realize you aren’t the only one with a cluttered garage or kitchen or closet. It’s normal you guys!

Early last week I received the December issue of Real Simple…shocked to see our article made the cover…

I worked on this article with writer Stephanie Sisco months ago. My understanding was it may show up in a Fall issue or maybe not even at all. You never know. So I was totally surprised to see it and love the layout!…

It’s a simple 1 page article with 5 great tips to help you organize that food storage drawer!…

Pinch myself when I see that business name anywhere…so proud of this little business…

Just 2 days later I received this issue of Better Homes & Gardens Secrets of Getting Organized…

I knew this article was coming but had no idea it too would make the cover!…

Not long ago I shared the story of how I became a Field Editor with Better Homes & Gardens. They keep an eye on projects I’ve completed and if interested they ask if the spaces can be featured with advice from me in the magazine. This is such a special partnership! BH&G’s is all about “real” and I love that THEY love these spaces so much they want to share it with their readership. These are real struggles all of us can relate to and all I’m doing is sharing how we solved the issues. Just totally grateful.

Can I say that enough? NO.

BH&G saw these 3 pantries I organized and asked if they could feature all of them in a “tidy up your pantry” article. I love the 4-page layout they created that is FULL of great tips and ideas and products…

So grateful!!!

I said it again.

Anyway, this was worth tucking away here on the blog but also sharing with you in case you want to pick up the issues. They are on newsstands now and are full of more great organizing ideas. The article about paper pileups alone is worth your investment. I love the laundry room on the cover too!

Thanks for letting me share and hope you guys are having a great day! It’s Wednesday! I did a little more online shopping today and am feeling less stressed on that front. Much like decluttering or getting organized or really anything in life…just making that first step is sometimes the hardest. But once you take that step, it starts getting easier. And this shopping list is definitely getting easier now that I finally got the ball rolling.

Have a great night guys!



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  1. gee dodds says:

    Well deserved and so exciting! Well done. X

  2. Tami says:

    Sam, your hard work and beautiful photos was a easy decision for the magazines to feature you! Power on!

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