Simply Done: Low-Cost Highly-Beautiful Pantry

Feb 27

My aim is always to deliver a highly functional, totally organized, beautiful space that works for the families who hire me. But staying on a budget is something high on the priority list too.

Getting organized DOES NOT need to cost a lot of money. If it does, something’s wrong. Unless you’re installing a custom closet or some type of cabinetry…let’s keep in mind, people….it’s just containers for stuff. IF you do in fact actually NEED containers…because sometimes you don’t!

Good thing for us, we can now easily find low-cost containment that is actually appealing and pretty!

This sweet family of 3 brought me in to help with their already beautiful pantry. I love her eclectic collection of glass jars, baskets with wood handles and vintage trays / containers, so my plan included keeping these in the mix while organizing and adding some symmetry. I love to keep spaces in sync with a family’s style and overall home aesthetic.


I love the style and layout of this pantry – so simple and totally me!…

All this space needed was a few more baskets, zones and a little space planning…


I could already see the after. And it looked just like this…

Ahhhhhh, SOOOO bright and beautiful! Clean, streamlined, light, airy….this is truly one of my favorites of all time!

The white baskets with a wooden handle are from Ikea. At just $13 each they’re perfectly sized for a pantry. They also provide some visibility into the basket while still concealing. And they are pretty!

The white plastic bins are $6 but currently on sale for less than $5 each! You may already recognize these as I use them quite a bit in a lot of spaces I organize. They work! And since she already had a few in the space, I added to the collection to give the space more symmetry.

The glass lidded jars are also from Ikea and this was my first time working with this product. I’m sold! They are sturdy, pretty and low cost…

The jars come in a variety of sizes and the opening is large enough for baking items too…it can be annoying when your measuring cup doesn’t fit in the opening. They eat a variety of nuts daily and she enjoys making her own granola / nut mixes, so these jars do a great job keeping it all fresh and easy to scoop from.

Love this pantry and the low-cost beautiful containment! I added just a few pretty entertaining items to the top shelf and relocated the others to another kitchen space…

We also cleared the floor.


If you spotted a product you love, you can find them all right here…

White Basket with Wood Handle

White Handled Plastic Bin

Glass Food Storage

Oxo Containers


Canned Food Riser

Hope you enjoyed a peek into this organized pantry! And wishing you a great last few days of February. How did that happen?!



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