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Feb 15

You hear this from me quite a bit, I know, but only because it’s true. The families who hire me and the relationship we develop is my favorite part of this job. What begins as one small (or big) space being decluttered / organized turns into several. I love the connection, getting to know them and their habits (their kids!), coaching them through the process…it’s intimate, special and something I look forward to after our first meeting.

They have no idea how fun and addicting the process is…which is the best part too!

This family hired me nearly one year ago to transform their pantry. Remember this beauty?…

So pretty and crisp!

I’ll never forget, I worked in this pantry and kitchen on the last day of the school year. Mom was running all over town to two different schools for last day activities and playdates … and before she left in the morning we chatted about their summer plans.

This family is so so soooooo sweet!

But this time I had the fortune and pleasure of decluttering and organizing with BOTH mom and dad. She contacted me with the idea of gifting her husband a decluttered and organized home office for his birthday. Count me in … but seriously, working with this couple together during the declutter….melted me!

This couple has the most tender and genuinely lovely relationship – totally in love and their banter kept me laughing through our 2 hour session. Hard not to laugh when we find old high school (and middle school!) yearbooks, resumes and business cards from jobs they had right out of college, and those “why did you keep this?!” outbursts followed by a funny story or side eye. As I quietly directed them through the decluttering process, it was fun to take them in – was smiling or laughing the entire time.

Just so dang cute.

Ok, I know – enough!

Moving on…it was exciting to return a few days later to beautifully organize his home office…

The bones were here already with 4 incredible built-ins. But with the loads of paper, binders, and old tax files removed a few days before and the adjustment of a few shelves, I was able to set up the charging station they were both dreaming about…

I moved one shelf from the left cabinet to the right, giving them enough wiggle room for a charging station. Previously all of the devices and cords were stacked on the countertop. I threaded cords behind the shelves and added magnetic cord wraps to keep the cords tangle-free…

( clear cabinet bins )

Other cords and misc electronic items now have a home in deep bins with a handle for pulling out. Easy to find and put away.

I added a shelf above the printer for paper and small office supplies. Love the pull-out for the printer and shredder too!…

( clear bins with handle )

I mentioned removing old taxes. Nowadays we are supplied with a digital copy of taxes, but if you have paper copies from years past you aren’t ready to get rid of…no reason to keep them IN the office taking up space. We found an available garage cabinet and I stowed them away in weathertight bins with my favorite expanding hanging files…

( file bin | hanging file | label maker )

Also used my favorite label maker for creating thicker labels

His desk has an oversized work surface and is perfectly masculine…but the 2 drawers are SO shallow. After searching for a product to fit drawers not quote 1.5″ deep, I landed on a product intended for make up organization…

( drawer organizer )

These have a non-slip foot, stand about 1 1/4″ high and are acrylic…not too fancy for this simple, minimalist guy.

A simply organized home office for the official “best dad ever”…

The name plate kills me – too cute!

Not seen easily here is the clear acrylic paper tray I arranged on the built-in counter. He’s a piler and has small piles on his desk while working. It was an interesting conversation to be a part of with both of them. This home office is seen from the living room and is not far into the house from the entry. Her wish was to not see paper piles when guests were over…he loves his piles and they are reminder to him of action items to be done…not forgotten. They BOTH didn’t want a solution that was unsightly.

I feel them! I had the same feelings when I bought my paper tray…the same one I gave him…

We agreed to this simple paper tray that totally disappears into the backdrop of his beautifully styled built-ins…

Side note – Speaking of this office, this was beautifully decorated by friends of hers who now own a great firm in the Bay Area. Nest Design Co if you’re interested in contacting them.


If you spotted an organizing product that may work for you, you can find them all right here…

Clear Cabinet Bins

Shallow Drawer Organizers

File Box

Hanging Files

Paper Tray

Magnetic Cord Ties

Label Maker

Had the best time working with this couple and organizing his home office – happy birthday!

Hope you guys are having a great start to your weekend! I surprised 3 of my little valentine’s with a quick Maui getaway. Will share more soon. but we definitely needed this 85 degree weather and downtime!

Back later guys,



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  1. I really like the slider that the printer is on. Easy to use and linked with power at the back.

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