Simply Done: Custom Garage Cabinets & Flooring

Mar 13

By now you should be well aware of my passion for decluttering and organizing garages. My love for this space runs deep and the efforts put in make an incredible impact for busy families. But after working in countless garages – whether within its original design or a fancy new beautiful set-up – I can confidently say I’m ready to take on full-service garage design. Taking it next level. We’ve worked in too many garages to not add that tier of service.

Excited to be here today sharing the first garage design I completed earlier this year… with more to come!


This family of 4 recently renovated a modest home and in the process were left with this blank slate…

Sorry to say I don’t have photos of our declutter session from November. That appointment happened during the thick of the IG Hacking event I experienced. In the frenzy of everything I just wanted to get lost in my happy place so the camera was set aside.

After surveying the contents that remained from our session, I determined a single row of cabinets along the back wall would be more than enough storage. They also have a small attic space in the garage for seasonal decorations, etc….leaving us with the goal and intention of less storage for items to accumulate. We planned to add a slat wall for the bikes to hang and new beautiful flooring.

First up was clearing out the garage for the flooring install. I chose a vinyl flake floor in a beautiful gray tone…

The day the flooring was installed I was working on another project, but popped in from time to time. Wish I could have been here to capture the whole process in time lapse. So cool to watch! The guys are wrapping it up here and sealing the floor…

A floor like this doesn’t need more than a few days to cure. Look at this after!…

IN. LOVE. !!!

I love the texture and wanted to bring it right out to where the garage concrete meets the driveway for a seamless look.

Next up was the cabinet install. I chose a platinum finish with polished chrome pulls. Such a beautiful combination with the new floor!…

The cabinets are spacious and I left a small amount of space on the right where they can tuck their tall portable folding tables (they entertain a lot). We also ensured outlets were made available inside the cabinets.


Look at this after!…


I absolutely loved the opportunity to manage this project from start to finish. And I would love to help you too! If you’re in need of a garage design, whether local to me or not, please reach out for help. I’d love the chance to help you set up your space for maximum efficiency…and to help make it beautiful too!

Back soon with more guys!



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  1. Peggy A Oneill says:

    Who makes the cabinets?

  2. Kelsey Townsend says:

    Hi Sam,

    Congratulations on doing garage design!! I love how simple this one looks and all the small details that went into it, like the outlets in the cabinets. Great idea!

    Can’t wait to hear more and hope you are having a wonderful day!


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