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Mar 27

I realize we are each dealing with different emotions and feelings about social distancing. But personally, I am totally loving this! It’s a full blown reset button…to the nth. I have more to say regarding how we can use this time to our advantage and specifically what I’m doing, but today am here to share another small project knocked out during our isolated time. This was one of those small annoyances that I didn’t have or make the time for = decluttering and organizing cords in the office.

When we moved I was excited to discover the bins used to organize cords in my old office fit perfectly in these office drawers. How’s that for luck?! Here’s how they looked in my previous office

During the move, I gathered and packed together all the cords from throughout the house. Once on this end, I knew it would be easier to locate if I had done that. And it worked well.

But when we were settled and cords were distributed to various spots around the house, the remaining cords were left in my office drawers to later organize. Over the last few months when opening the drawers, I noticed a lot of duplicates or cords I no longer needed. It was one of those projects that required a little focused time, which I currently have while stuck at home.

Yesterday I shared a behind the scenes of my purge with the IG community – be sure to take a look at the videos on the highlight reel titled “stay home“. Today I am happy to share the result of what ended up taking less than 1 hour of decluttering and sorting…

I sincerely feel like a new woman with each project taken off the list. These drawers were a pain and reminded me they contained decisions I was only delaying.

As I sorted each cord into categories, I decided what was needed, used, still owned, wanted…really thought about how many of each were necessary too. I somehow ended up with 13 micro usb cords. This isn’t difficult to have happen when most electronics come with a cord. They were varying lengths – I like the short 6″ cords for charging items in the car, like earbuds. And I like having a couple long cords for charging at home or when needed to reach behind / plug into a computer. But 13 was excessive.

After sorting and decluttering, and the volume of each type evident, I set them in their own container and labeled. Done.

( clear cubes )

When useful, I wrapped the cords with cable ties. This product is reusable and helpful for cords that tend to go haywire when not managed / bundled neatly.

( cable ties )

I’ve owned this tie set for a long time. They’re great and easy to use! And they don’t stretch out over time…

My small camera supplies now have their own bin as well as a few work supplies that usually get lost in a drawer or cabinet. I’ve basically moved everything related to electronics, camera or computer to this side of the office.

For the smallest items, I used one of my compartment organizers. You guys know how much I love these!…

These items would otherwise get more tangled or lost in a cube, so I tucked them away in here for safe keeping…and ease of finding…

( similar organizer )

The kids have been using headsets for homeschooling and the tiny silicone ear pieces for my earbuds are safely contained. This is also a great container for apple watch bands.

Did I mention how excited I am to have this project complete?

To make today all the more exciting, I discovered the recycling center and dump for our county is in fact open. The donation centers are not for our current decluttering efforts, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dispose of recycling / trash. We accumulated quite a bit of recycling, piled high on the side of the house near the trash cans. Had it hauled away this morning…another small project off the list and another clean, cleared space…

Alright guys, what have you been up to? Tell me I’m not the only one bouncing off the walls with energy and using this time to my advantage.

I’ve also been enjoying the break each day to share a post here and connect with all of you! I love this blog!

Happy Friday!



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  1. Pam Huseman says:

    Hi Sam, Love the organized cord drawer! I too, went on a sort and purge of cords and other small electronics not being used anymore. However, since we’ll be moving early summer, I didn’t take the time to document the purge as most everything will have a new home in our new home. I can’t wait to start fresh! Happy organizing!

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