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Jan 1

Happy happy new year!! I hope you were able to ring in this fresh, new year with those you love or by just doing something that made YOU happy.

2017 was a full, busy year. A year that will certainly go down in the memory book. But for several reasons I couldn’t wait to close the 2017 chapter to ring in 2018. Could be because there was a lot of not totally fun stuff going on behind the scenes. Stuff I will get around to sharing. Small hints – my business name change, branding stuff, trademark work, a few challenging client spaces, and more. Needless to say there was a lot of money flying out the window too. So…. yes, bring on a new year for this girl!

A new year with all new goals to crush!


And a very happy new year it will be since I finally finished my home office!

Simply Organized Home Office Sam Working

( desk | storage drawers & desk | rug | floating shelves & brackets )

Before I move with the details, here’s the before:

I had a black Pottery Barn collection for many years and it fit well in this house. See more before shots and details in this post. For my new readers, this was the set I had in our Little Rock home. It was about 10 year old when I sold it last year. Anyway, I found myself needing way less filing space and more open flat surfaces for spreading out design work. Admittedly, I also dreamed of a lighter, brighter space too.

And there was SO MUCH STUFF I didn’t need in this office. You should have seen the bags and boxes of donations.

Hello new and bright!…

Simply Organized Home Office with Desk

So so in love with this home office! This is the office I was dreaming of. Nothing more. Nothing less.


I shared all of the progress during the One Room Challenge this Fall. If you are interested in seeing the transformation details, I’ve linked to those at the bottom of this post. For now, I wanted to share with you the final update (minus the chair – still on the hunt for a new chair!). All I was waiting on was the desk to arrive and then I could get to work organizing the drawers.

For a few weeks I worked on a folding table…

Then I found out the desk was on the way, so I removed the folding table and worked like this…

It was a busy week when the desk arrived and I needed a solid chunk of time to assemble it. Sadly it sat in the box for a few days…

But when I finally assembled it, angels you guys. Angels!…

Simply Organized Home Office with Desk

This desk is exactly what I needed. All I hoped for was a big work surface and a few small, shallow drawers. This desk delivered it. All of it!…

( desk )

I was worried about the gold details clashing with the rest of the office, but I’m honestly loving the contrast! If my mind changes down the road, I can easily swap out the drawer pulls and paint the gold legs.

But for the time being, totally in love with these legs!

Of course, I couldn’t wait to organize the drawers…

( acrylic drawer organizers )

( acrylic drawer organizers | rug )

I love the view from my bathroom now. The office is a loft at the top of the stairs. It’s such a pretty space to peek into while I’m getting ready…

( towel basket )


If you’re wondering about the long storage desk under the window, that is a few modular pieces from Pottery Barn…

( drawers | desk )

This is truly all I needed for storage and gives me an additional work surface or space to lay out wrapping paper. Drawers are organized over here too and I detailed all of that in this post.

( white drawer organizers )

What you have yet to hear – and will hear about soon – is my paper organization…

( filing tabs | hanging files )

There’s a few boxes left to sort through, but you will not believe how much paper is gone gone gone. I’m going mainly digital and it’s been way easier than you can imagine. Can’t wait to share the process!

( white file boxes )

Back soon with all the paper organization details, but if you’d like to read the transformations posts…here they are, friends!…

Home Office Before

Home Office Painted

Home Office Storage Pieces Arrive

Home Office Area Rug & Organization

Home Office Floating Shelves

Home Office Organization


Conveniently, you can find all of the pieces in my home office right here:


What space are you hoping to tackle in your new year? I’d love to hear about it! Meanwhile, back to work for this girl! Looking forward to another fun year of sharing on the blog with you! A happy and healthy new year to each of you! Thank you so much for joining me on the blog! Love you guys!

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  1. ellenr886 says:

    OMG I Love it!! I love how bright and white it is and i’m drooling over the compartments in those drawers!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  2. Nora Vassar says:

    Where did you get the desk? I am in love but the link would not work. ; (

    • Samantha says:

      Hi! The desk is from Wayfair. Someone else contacted me last night about the link as well. When I went to update it, it appears the desk is out of stock right now / no longer on their site. Not sure what is going on but hoping they have it back in stock again soon!

  3. debbie Kramer says:

    Your office looks beautiful! I too just sold my brown Pottery Barn desk and was looking exactly for what you have! Can you tell me the size of the desk and the actual name of it. Thanks so much!

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Debbie,

      Thank you!!! Love the office and the desk!

      You can find the desk linked here in the post but it’s not longer available. They discontinued it – which makes me so sad! You have no idea how many people have asked me where it’s from.


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