Home Office Update: The Area Rug & Organization

Oct 26

It’s a very happy Thursday! I’m here to share an update on my One Room Challenge space – my home office – and I’m blogging. Organizing, blogging, spending time with you guys = happy girl! And it’s Thursday…which means it’s Friday tomorrow. Woot!

So, first of all – I am so glad this process requires a weekly check-in with photos. Just when I start to think no progress has been made, all I have to do is upload the photos from my camera and realize that couldn’t be further from the truth. While progress has been made here, I wanted to mention I’m also deep deep deep into speech prep. I’m giving a keynote ONE WEEK FROM TODAY. Not kidding. All I’ve been doing this week is practicing my speech, breaking for office organization, practicing my speech, breaking for office organization…and so on. The timing of this project couldn’t be better so I can take that break to focus on something creative. Having that outlet fuels my energy for speech prep.

But I am getting pretty weary of hearing myself talk. Bleh!

I do hope to have an update for you guys next week, just unsure if I can get that blog post together with Halloween, packing, traveling…stressing. Yikes! Anyway, will figure it all out, but may have to skip a week.

On to the office!


Happy to report that the area rug arrived…

( rug )

I am SO in love with it! It really brightens the space. It’s the Mae Diamond Tufted Rug from Pottery barn. Really love it and the quality. You’ll recall last week I shared the rug pad sitting beneath it. The rug is really cushiony.


On a bummer note…because of that cushiony goodness…look at what the rug did to my drawers…

See how there’s a gap on the top right? It’s due to the piece not sitting fully on the area rug. It’s causing it to lean. But no worries! I already have the issue solved and will be sharing a blog post about it.

No matter the small issue, still love love this rug!


Once the rug was set, I spent one evening sorting through every last office supply. Quite a few things went to a donation pile – I’m being brutal about what stays and only keeping items I genuinely use / need.


Once I knew what was staying, I grabbed some of my go-to solutions for organization. Such a fun change to organize a space in my home…I was reminded how clients feel! I’m not done yet, still have a few things to put away and need to get boxes labeled. I don’t take price tags off or add labels until I know for sure if organization items are a keep. I’m in that phase of setting items out / containing them…getting a general feel. So far so good. You’ll notice some labels are still on the bins / boxes…this is why.

( small box | large box )

( white boxes | magazine files )

( medium bin | small bin )

The one item I couldn’t wait to wrap my head around (haha!) were the collection of cords we have accumulated. This isn’t even close to all of them – I’m sure that’s the case in your home too. I was thrilled to gather them from around the house, make sense of them and get em organized. There is many more than this – look forward to sharing the real after once this drawer is completed. Cords – ugh!!!

( small bin )


There is one drawer completed for sure – feast your eyes…

( dividers | bamboo divider )

Envelopes, stationery, and cards are finally organized in one space. Yay for this!

The bamboo dividers have become a serious favorite of mine for client spaces. When you can’t solve the drawer organizing issue with individual organizers, try these instead!

My other favorite completed project is this post-it note box…

( box )

This box is only $3.99 from Ikea! I found it a few months ago while in my local store and grabbed a few knowing my office project would be upcoming. I love this box! What a great price point too!


Over the next week (or so – depending on how my speech stuff is going) I’ll be working on the following:

  • Finish organizing the office supplies
  • Label bins and boxes
  • Clear off the desktop of the storage piece
  • Get started on paper organization – this is going to take the most time
  • Hang the floating shelves on either side of the window.

I have the shelves, just need to get them up!…

Can’t wait to share another update!

Don’t forget you can follow along and check in on other bloggers who are participating in the One Room Challenge this Fall. I personally have been enjoying crawling into bed at night and clicking through all the links. Some very talented ladies out there! You can see it all here!

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Back soon with more!

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