One Room Challenge: Office Organization

Nov 15

Pay no attention to the fact this post is several days past due – yikes! My organization schedule has ramped up in a big way. No complaints here! But me organizing for other people = I’m not blogging behind a computer all day. No matter though because I’m here to share my update from last week. And it’s all about office organization! Yes!

Now, I will tell you – one major piece still missing from this scene is the actual desk. Not sure when it’s going to arrive. I’ve heard first week of December. ?? Probably long after this ORC season has completed. When it arrives I will definitely share the desk organization – already have plans for those beautiful drawers. And I have yet to tackle the paper / filing drawers – also coming soon! So what you are seeing today is the rest of the office organization.

A few weeks ago I shared a little organization sneak peek, but wasn’t completely done with the space. So here’s an update on most everything else!

Be prepared – photo overload…


One Room Challenge Home Office Simply Organized

I am still head over heels about this modular storage piece. It fits perfectly along the back wall and offers tons of hidden storage plus a huge surface to spread out projects, client designs or gift wrapping.

The drawers on either side are REALLY spacious and contain all the things I need, but don’t need to see. The drawers contain a variety of items – like my camera gear, label makers, large things like my laminator / cutters, greeting cards and most importantly – CORDS. And it is all organized / compartmentalized!

One Room Challenge Home Office Simply Organized

One Room Challenge Home Office Simply Organized

small bin )

One Room Challenge Home Office Simply Organized

( deep bin | medium bin )

For the larger items, I didn’t bother containing. Just huddled them within the same drawer…

( medium bin | small bin )

( bamboo divider | card organizing dividers )

( this & that organizer | large organizer | small organizer )


Just a few things sit on the desk surface at the moment – one being my active client files…

( acrylic file holder )

My current clients are in here for ease of grabbing while working on their projects. This acrylic file has been a lifesaver!

And yes, these are all active…not all the files are labeled. But needless to say, ya girl is super busy right now…

I also labeled the wall-mounted files – both the actual wall-mounts and the contents of a few…

Feels great to have a dedicated spot for everything. And everything you see is truly what I need to access….and nothing more!

This was a gift from a friend before I moved from Arkansas to California. It’s the coordinates of my old house. Isn’t it the sweetest??!!…


In order to keep the storage desk surface totally cleared, I opted to keep this little white shelf for the printer…

Don’t worry, that cord will be hidden soon!

I kept a few of my old magazine files just in case, and glad I did. They come in handy to contain a few supply items I need on hand like stickers, my collection of Avery labels for the printer, small client gifts and more.

( magazine files )

The 2 white Ikea boxes contain small office supplies and my collection of post-it notes…

( box )


A few weeks ago I shared my organized gift wrap shelf…which is located just off to the side of the office…

You can see all the details about how I organized the drawers in this post.

On the lower shelves I added a few letter / legal size memory boxes. These contain a few more office supplies I didn’t want in the drawers…

 ( small box | large box )

I’m talking file folders, extra school supplies, file pockets, laminating supplies and more…

These boxes are a pretty way to conceal everything.


I’m hoping to keep the floating shelves to a bare minimum and only what’s necessary. Since taking these photos I have already added a few small ferns – will share updated shots in my next ORC post. But it’s coming together nicely…


One Room Challenge Home Office Simply Organized

Really excited about the desk arrival…

Oh, and my friend Kelly, who’s an interior designer, is helping me choose a new window shade. Can’t wait!! I worked in her home office earlier this week and we scoped out a few samples. Yay!

Still to wrap up:

  • window covering
  • new desk chair (waiting on the desk to arrive before I shop for one)
  • paper files
  • finish shelving decor

In case you missed my previous posts in this series:

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The One Room Challenge is going strong – be sure to check out everyone’s spaces. People are blowing my mind! Look forward to sharing another update with you soon. It may be late again since I am booked solid. Excited to wrap up this space!

Have a great rest of the week you guys!!

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  1. Maddison says:

    Where are those wall mounted file holders from please? 🙂

  2. Jackie says:


    Has your blog moved? Can’t find any new entries since before Thanksgiving. Just checking to make sure you are doing ok. We all love your blog.

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Jackie!!

      No, it hasn’t moved – I have been so busy working with clients I haven’t had a chance to sit at my computer to write. But don’t worry – new posts are on the way! I love you guys too and this blog isn’t going anywhere!


  3. Such in inspiring post, I am especially loving the colorful Sharpie drawer and I actually use that IKEA shelving unit with drawers in my art studio…my goal is to get super organized and streamlined in the New Year, so I have a feeling that I am going to be checking in here often.

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