Non-Clutter Holiday Hostess Gift Idea

Nov 14

Am sure you’re hearing this a lot, but seriously – how are the holidays already upon us? I feel like I’m behind and catch myself tensing up. But I’m not going to let those feelings overwhelm me. I remind myself one day, one short list at a time … and it will all manage to come together.

One big focus this season is my gift list for family and friends. It’s been a stressful, sad year with a lot of devastating events. But we still have many reasons to celebrate. Personally, I am all about “experience gifts” and spending time – not money – with the people I care about. So on that note, am hoping to host a little holiday get-together for new friends I’ve made and cherish. I’m also hoping to be invited to a few holiday parties. But when I bring a gift for the hostess, it’s generally that standard bottle of wine or candle.

This year, I’m giving a non-clutter gift that I know every woman in my life is going to love.

A set of Mrs. Meyer’s hand and dish soap!

I thought about adding cleaning products, but is there anything worse than being reminded of chores when you open a gift? haha! I recall a year someone gave me a vacuum for Christmas. Ummmm, really – thank you???

This year I’m going to purchase several holiday scents and wrap them up with my favorite to-do list pads…

( to-do list sticky pad )

And a set of my favorite bar mop towels from Clean Mama – I love Becky!…

( bar mop towels )

The easiest way to order Mrs. Meyer’s in the scents you love is from Grove Collaborative!

Not only do I receive free shipping, but their prices are low and it arrives at my doorstep in a couple days. No battling the hectic crowds at Target! And when I buy Mrs. Meyer’s in-store I am never guaranteed the scents I love. I’ve mentioned before I get terrible headaches with certain perfumes and scents. I’m assured the right product when I order online.


Grove has an awesome Mrs. Meyers Holiday Scents offer you will NOT want to miss!

Right now, for new customers…when you spend $20 on anything (even toilet paper for all those parties you’ll be hosting) you will receive FOR FREE:

  • Mrs. Meyer’s holiday hand soap
  • Mrs. Meyer’s holiday dish soap
  • Mrs. Meyer’s holiday multi surface spray
  • Grove Collaborative seasonal kitchen towel
  • 60 Day VIP Trial (which you can cancel after 60 days if you don’t appreciate)


I’ve mentioned Grove before on the blog, therefore many of you may already be an existing customer. Not to worry! They have something special for you also!

Existing Grove customers will automatically receive FOR FREE (no $20 minimum):

  • Grove Collaborative walnut scrubber sponges

This offer is just in time for the busy holiday season. Check one item off your list – hostess gifts – and join me in gifting your friends and family with something useful….not more clutter!

The scents I’m giving this year are Peppermint or Mum. I have never tried the Peppermint, but this season am totally loving it!…

This offer is available now through Sunday, November 19 so be sure to jump on this great opportunity and cross those gifts off your list!….while also having them delivered to your doorstep with FREE SHIPPING!



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