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Apr 29

Last week’s organizing expert interview series was not only very fun, but I’d consider it a big success with over 700 registered attendees. That outcome was completely unexpected and so glad I followed my hunch to project some positive energy into the universe…the online universe. I sensed we were in need of something positive and encouraging to tap into each day and it resonated. So I am excited to announce the series will continue – beginning tomorrow – and hope you’ll join me as I have a conversation with Adam Pratt about how to organize photos and videos!

In week 1 we covered 5 different organizing topics, but photo organizing is something I wanted to chat about more than once. Photos – both printed and digital – along with home videos are a real pain point for many of us. In the homes we organize I see bins and boxes full of photos. I see stressed out parents with phones and computers full of photos. While decluttering I see wall frames propped up around the house just waiting to be filled and hung.

The list of pain points goes on and on.

HOW do we get started and how do we do it right??

To get to the root of this organizing dilemma I have 2 experts lined up to speak with us – 1 is an expert in iphone photo organizing (she’ll be interviewed soon) and the other is Adam Pratt, who will join me tomorrow. Adam is the photo organizing expert behind Chaos to Memories, his organizing company that helps people organize printed and digital photos AND home videos. I CAN NOT WAIT to hear his tips and techniques for getting it streamlined and organized!

Will you join me live on Thursday? Hope so!

Join me here on Crowdcast or on the Facebook Page for a live stream. The replay will be available if you’re unable to join us live at 10am PDT.

The Series Continues…

Moving forward I’ll continue hosting these interviews 1-2x per week for the duration of shelter-in-place. In the Bay Area we just received word we are sheltering through the end of May. Looking forward to bringing in the hard hitting organizing topics we grapple with and making the most of our at-home time.

If there’s a topic you’d like me to cover, let me know and I’ll find the expert to join us!

See you Thursday!



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  1. Adam Pratt says:

    I’m really looking forward to the webinar tomorrow. Thanks for the invitations and I hope everybody is ready with questions!

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