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Apr 17

Guys, the new website it getting closer to wrapping up – couldn’t be more excited! In the process of all the “behind the web” stuff and tasks to run through as we get closer to launching, I found myself on Google Analytics. Where I then found myself conducting a query of the most popular blog posts on Simply Organized. The most popular of all time. Going all the way back to September 2011.

So interesting to me that the posts at the tip top of the list are DIY projects or cleaning techniques. And the same 5 organization posts that continue bringing in new traffic each day from Pinterest.

Thought it would be fun to round ’em up and share! In case you missed these because you’re a new reader or if you’re looking for some great projects to do in your time at home, these are fun and still totally relevant today!


Trash Bags On A Roll

( blog post )

This is one of my all time favorite projects, if not THE all time favorite. In my previous home we had a very tiny kitchen and made every effort to make the most of each square inch. The trash bags sitting on the cabinet floor drove me nuts so I created a simple system for hanging them on a roll. This post is clearly a crowd favorite because it brings hundreds to the blog daily and has been featured countless times around the web. I love the simplicity and it is totally Sam!…low-key, no frills, low-cost, easy to install…a fun little project with minimal product requirements to work on today!

DIY Floating Shelves

( blog post )

With an empty wall right at the base of the stairs and not enough room for a standing piece of furniture, I build floating shelves from scratch to fill the space. Loved working on this project! It was easy and a great improvement!

Interior Paint Colors

( blog post )

Maybe not exactly a diy project, but the entire interior paint color palate from my previous house is always a huge blog post hit. Choosing paint colors is tough so I can see why it would resonate. Always good to see paint on a wall before deciding.

Pottery Barn Knock-Off Under Bed Baskets

( blog post )

Going back to May of 2013, I created this knock-off of Pottery Barn’s under bed storage baskets. I had too many magazines on my bedside table so I crafted baskets into rolling baskets to store them all under the bed. These held up so well and only just donated them before I moved last summer. A great little project that makes the most of your underbed space!

DIY Paint Can Labels

( blog post )

I know you have a lot of paint in your garage. I see the cans in every home we organize. A great project to work on right now is going through your paint and setting aside the cans for hazardous waste. Most locations are still open right now as they are generally located next to or at the dump.

In my effort to streamline paint from the beginning, I kept small pint-sized cans with a label…and I labeled each with the room, paint name and canning date as well. Such a huge help!


How To Clean A Jetted Tub

( blog post )

In between selling the Little Rock home and moving to the Bay Area, we lived in a rental house. The master had an awesome whirlpool tub with jets. The kids were SO excited to get the jets and bubbles going…until I turned it on. Gunk and hair came pouring out. So gross! I did a ton of research into how to clean the jets and the tub and shared my results in this popular post.

How To Clean A Stainless Coffee Pot

( blog post )

This post became a movie. Well, not really…haha! I’m kidding! I turned it into a video to share just how awesome AND effective this easy cleaning technique is. If you have a stained stainless coffee pot or thermos, don’t throw it away! Just clean it using this method…

( blog post with video )

How To Detangle Barbie Hair

( blog post )

Not really a “cleaning tip” but it was the only logical category for this one. Funny it’s a top hitter, but the tip really works!


Organized Deep Freezer Drawer

( blog post )

There’s nothing more frustrating than opening that freezer drawer and digging around to find what you need. I guess what could be worse is forgetting you have something and once you do it’s expired. In my efforts to organize my freezer drawer discovered these awesome and VERY inexpensive multi-purpose bins fit like a glove. And they have helped you stay organized in your freezer too!

The Most Beautiful Organized Linen Closet

( blog post )

Of all the client projects shared on the blog, this one crushes it – hands down. It’s the most popular project and these photos have been re-shared countless times. This mom is seriously one of my most favorite people and it was a great pleasure to organize her linen closet…beautifully…and with simple wire bins and baskets from Target.

Organized Cords

( blog post )

Back in 2012, I re-purposed a photo organizer to contain our collection of small cords. Love this one!

Organized Hanging Files

( blog post )

Also circa 2012, this method for beautifully organizing your hanging files. I’ve come a long way in that I now scan almost everything. But if you have papers to file and want them to look beautiful, this is a great idea!

Organized Garage Mudroom

( blog post )

One of my favorite personal projects that turned into a signature client project as well – my garage DIY mudroom. I guess this doubles in the DIY and organization category. This was a very easy and fun project to complete and all the details are in the post…including how to install yourself!

Hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane with me. It was so fun looking back at these posts. So grateful for this blog and community! I hope you’re all doing well and had a great week. Hard to believe Friday is here…and hard to remember which day of the week it is.

Have a great weekend guys!



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