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Apr 19

It truly is the simple things that make life better. Even something as simple as an organized cleaning caddy. It makes the mundane task of cleaning much easier. And actually a little more enjoyable, if I’m being honest.

I’ve always wanted to organize a cleaning caddy. Nope, never had one. In all my time as a mom, homeowner, organizer…human being living on Earth with spaces to clean. Never had one. How did I manage to get my cleaning supplies around the house prior to buying a carrying caddy? I stored supplies in several locations. But here in the new house, that doesn’t appear to be working all that well. Everything is a bit more spread out and we have a little more square footage.

I had supplies in the laundry room, under the kitchen sink, in the master bathroom, upstairs in the kid’s linen closet, in the garage…the list goes on. Just scattered and, honestly, didn’t want to continue replenishing supplies for all the various locations. It was too difficult to stay on top of what we were low on. AND the worst was that sometimes I had to hunt down an item I needed that ended up in a different room. It was making me crazy!

Instead of living in crazy town, while we’re safe-at home and I’m dedicating time to those projects I never get to, I purchased 2 of these beautiful caddies and got busy filling each with my favorite things…


I searched out every caddy and this was the one for me. I found several on Amazon, at The Container Store, Target and even West Elm. What I love about this one is the wooden handle, the amount of space inside, how easy it is to clean (no hidden crevices for things to hide) and it’s not too big or too small. It’s a great size for toting around. And it’s pretty!


I have a mix of cleaning products – some strong and some natural. Whenever possible, I make my own solutions and use glass spray bottles. But sometimes nothing beats a solid toilet bowl cleaner. Especially with 5 kids in the house.

With increased stress around really deep cleaning during this pandemic – what comes in the house on hands, shoes, etc – some of the products I’m using right now are a bit more potent.

Anyway, in my caddies I have cleaning products, glass bottles with my own mixes, cleaning rags, microfiber cloths, a dusting glove and a toilet scrubber.

Microfiber is a great, chemical-free cleaning option where only water is required for cleaning. I have a collection of e-cloths I’ve used forever. You can even see my love for these cloths in this video we made a long time ago!…

Each cloth is used for a different surface…

These really work exceptionally well! And I love my dusting glove!…

These get tossed into the wash and they’re ready to use over and over again. No waste!

Glass bottles are easy to locate on Amazon…

( glass spray bottles )

Seriously love this caddy!

For now, my caddies are in the laundry room. There’s a mudroom wall in the laundry room where I keep additional bins with cleaning and home-related products…

In the top 3 woven baskets, I store vacuum supplies, backstock cleaning and laundry supplies. The 4 white bins contain cleaning cloths, brushes & scrubbers, carpet & car and the final bin contains extra hand soap & air fresheners. The caddies nest perfectly together right in the center…

Organizing these caddies gave me a reason to not only sort through the cleaning products and toss old items, I was able to declutter the mudroom too. Feels awesome walking into the laundry room now!


If you’re interested in my caddy or products I use for cleaning, they’re linked here for your convenience…


Glass Spray Bottles


Dusting Glove

Do you have a cleaning caddy or has one been on your wish list for a while like me? This one is currently on sale at The Container Store for about $19. And it’s seriously so pretty!

Guys! Don’t forget – my organizing expert webinar series begins TOMORROW MORNING. I shared a blog post about it here or you can go straight to Crowdcast to sign up and join me all week. We have nearly 500 attendees and I’d really LOVE to see you there!

Have a great Sunday night and hope to see you at the webinar tomorrow!



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  1. Kari says:

    Why would you not leave the toilet brush in a holder by the toilet? I can’t imagine keeping that in my caddy …

    • Samantha says:

      To each his own, but I don’t understand why people leave these brushes in the stand in a bathroom. I think most times people aren’t cleaning those that often. Whereas my brush gets cleaned every time I use it. I also don’t want to own / buy more than one toilet brush…I like having just one and use that one for all of our bathrooms.

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