Why You Should Hire an Organizer To Pack & Unpack You

Sep 1

What’s more to love than a beautiful, newly renovated kitchen? I’ll tell you – a beautiful new kitchen that is professionally unpacked and organized too! Can you believe this kitchen I packed only a few months ago transformed from this…

To this…

Yep, it’s the same kitchen! And it’s stunning!

why should you hire a professional organizer to pack for you?

I’d like to make this connection for you because I’ve been doing this work long enough to see terrible hiccups. I’ve seen awful packing jobs, where precious items have been broken. I’ve experienced opening boxes that contain trash – actual trash inside of trash cans – packed for the move. More importantly, items a family never wanted to bring into the next chapter but they didn’t have the time to declutter. We’ve unpacked boxes without labels. If you’ve been through a move, you know how heavy moving boxes are. We’ve carried heavy boxes up flights of stairs only to find out the contents below in a different area of the house.

The list goes on, but let’s focus on the positive.

The benefits of hiring a professional organizer to pack…and unpack you…the list is long!

First of all, we’ll help you declutter BEFORE the move, ensuring most of the items coming with you are items you truly care about and are looking forward to seeing in your new home.

We ensure packing is done correctly and boxes labeled with immaculate details. In the case of this family, they were living in their home during the renovations. We packed and stacked boxes in their dining room. In other cases, we’ve carefully loaded a pod to be stored off-site or worked with the moving company to direct the process and load carefully…

Because we packed you, we have an edge up already knowing what we’ll be unpacking. Which means your unpacking process will be smooth and efficient. This family loves entertaining and great wine. As I was packing their bar, I made note of special items. As soon as I saw this section of the kitchen, I knew their barware would look beautiful here…

So beautiful, in fact, they can leave this cabinet open to serve as a counter for making drinks…

A professional organizer can work with your interior designer or contractor to ensure no wasted space. This space above the oven is perfect for cutting and cheese boards…

While choosing cabinets and drawer features, it’s far easier and more cost-effective to have organization built in, just like that cutting board feature. Or in the case of this spice drawer, placed directly next to the stove…

Professional organizers make the best use of your new spaces. A pull-out drawer is the perfect spot for organizing your food storage collection…

We are space planning experts and I definitely make a mess before it looks this tidy. Nearly all the boxes are unpacked to ensure placement is nearly perfect for you…

In the next week I’ll be revisiting this space to add organization to the drawers; silverware, cooking utensils and more will be perfectly organized making it easy for them to cook and put away. After unpacking, I grabbed measurements for those finishing touches. This is another positive to hiring me or any organizer to help with your move. They know just the right products!

Looking forward to sharing an updated post about this space with you guys!

But isn’t this kitchen stunning? So happy for this sweet family and the great memories they’ll soon be making right here!

It’s September. Yep, just said it.

Looking forward to sharing more soon and hope you’re doing well!



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