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Aug 26

Well, I finally did it. I can’t believe it. And can’t believe I am about to type this. …. I wrote an ebook and launched it. TODAY! Before I dive into a few details and my “why” for writing it, here’s the page where you can purchase for download now!

That’s right! No more excuses! Download the book today, start reading = GET STARTED!

Seriously floating on a cloud right now…yet also feeling anxious, nervous and wondering if I made the right decision. But ultimately I know this book is going help many…and there’s no turning back now!

For my long-time readers here with me from those early Arkansas blogging days, you’ve watched this business unfold before your eyes. Next month will be TEN years since I started the blog. My dream of becoming a professional organizer was so faint in those days. I had 3 small children, knew a move out of state was imminent, but desperately wanted to get started in some way, shape or form.

With the strong encouragement from a friend, that starting point came in the form of a blog. This blog – and the place that will always be the heart of this business.

We moved back to California in 2013 and the business really took off. Hopeful organizers were emailing me by the dozens each month to ask how I got started. For a long time I responded individually, then had to create a drafted reply because I couldn’t keep up. I was stuck in my inbox answering the same questions over and over.

My next attempt to help was writing a small ebook where I shared my tips for getting started. I offered that blog post and pdf here in November 2016. Wow, long time ago!

And then…nothing. I was #inthetenches and at that time the business was taking off. I could barely keep up and was learning myself, growing the business, developing the portfolio and my unique view into professional organizing…honing in on my specific niche. Thankfully I at least had the pdf to direct people to should they reach out with their “how to get started” questions. But knew I could do more. Not just yet…but a day would come when I could add to the book and possibly offer small coaching sessions.

Enter Covid-19.

The pandemic, although tragic and still very upsetting, certainly provided some silver linings. I personally took full advantage of the at-home time during shelter-in-place. And I shared A LOT of what I accomplished on the blog. I redesigned the website. I took a hard look at the business, service offerings, policies, on-boarding documents, and more. We completed home projects in need of attention. I decluttered several areas around the house. I hosted a webinar series.

AND, most importantly, I opened google docs, dusted off that old ebook and totally revamped it. To the point of nearly 80 pages – plus bonuses!

And it’s now available for YOU!

Get the book!

When I say I wrote the book for you, I mean that. Sincerely.

I love working with families to declutter and organize – that won’t ever change, but I also love encouraging people to follow their dream or passion. Because I did. And it was something I never thought possible. And it’s been one of my most fulfilling endeavors.

Are there bad days? Absolutely! Are there days I wonder if I hurt more than helped? True that! Are there days I wish I had all the people to help me in all the places because I’ve sort of created a monster? Yep.

But it’s a monster I love and so proud of. Proud to let the kids and the people I love see the hard work and visually see that hard work pays off.

I’ve lived and breathed this business for years. It’s a huge part of my heart and brings me so much joy. I love working with families and helping them simplify. Whatever your dream is in this field, I’m here to encourage and motivate you!

In the book I she my getting started story, but also all of my tips for how to find your niche, how to find your ideal client, how to price your services, and more. I also included an awesome bonus document that has become an integral part of the on-boarding process in my business. That alone is worth the investment!

By the way, this book isn’t only for professional organizers. It speaks to ANYONE who wants to start a small business…but stuck in the “HOW do I get started” phase!

So I hope you won’t wait any longer or wait another day! There is no better person to learn from than me – the girl who’s been organizing for families for years. I’ve failed over and over again, but failed forward. Failed upward. And I’ll continue failing because that’s what happens when you own a business. It’s called growth! I’m the person to learn from and the person to motivate you because I was once there too. Once figuring out how to get started and discovering exactly what was holding me back = here’s a big hint…ME!

I’ll be sharing more about the book soon, but it’s officially for sale and I’d love to have you join me to start getting your business off the ground TODAY!

Back soon guys!





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