Simply Done: Unpacked Kitchen & Master Closet for the Holidays

Dec 18

Maybe one year it will finally set in. The fact that no matter the time of year, families want to get organized. Even as we close in on Christmas. And even with Covid still very much a thing here in this county! Anyway, why am I so surprised each year that I am booked all the way through the week of Christmas?

Speaking of Covid, it’s been interesting. So many families took advantage of the kids remote learning and either moved out to renovate their homes or they sold and purchased a new home altogether. In March during SIP, I never would have imagined I’d be as busy unpacking families. And I love it!

This family is in the renovation camp and am so excited their contractor finished the project in time for them to enjoy the holidays in their new, beautiful home! A couple weeks ago we unpacked their kitchen…

It’s light, bright and stunning!

And totally organized!

Next to garage projects, unpacking is becoming one of my favorite service offerings. Getting unpacked is one thing…but getting unpacked and organized from the beginning in your new home is next level. And makes all the difference for busy families.

When we unpack, we generally set placeholders and then return with the product. This gives the family a chance to acclimate and live with items in certain places…or edit as they wish. Here’s an example of a couple drawers before and after…

With a kitchen this stunning, why have a knife block sitting on the counter? Especially when you can have a knife drawer this organized…

( knife organizer )

Of course, I only do this when safe to do so…but it makes all the difference in keeping those counters cleared.

Not every drawer needs to be puzzled together with individual drawer dividers. Sometimes simple spring loaded dividers will do the trick!…

Love these and recently found them as a set of 4 on Amazon

( dividers )

The best way to organize their alcohol was on 2 lazy susan’s. They wanted their collection placed here over a large cabinet. This makes it easy for them to rotate and grab…

( lazy susan )

These are the 18″ versions and I sourced them specifically because of their sturdy footprint.

I thought I loved their kitchen, but after spending an entire day unpacking and organizing their master closet…there’s competition!…

With a closet this beautiful, they wanted to invest in all new hangers. It was so sweet when I revealed the closet at the end of the day to hear her reaction…”I feel like an adult with all new hangers!”. Something so small makes all the difference! And these are a truly stunning hanger!!

( hanger )

She wanted a light wood…and I personally LOVE the black hanger detail. Really such a clean look as opposed to silver.

Last month I also helped to reinstall their boy’s Elfa closets. It has been a total pleasure helping this family get unpacked and organized before the holidays.

Getting caught up here with photo editing so I can share more projects on the blog before the end of the year. Also have many updates….especially about a potential BOOK AND hiring new members of the team…AND my first little team holiday party I hosted this week.

Hope you’re all doing well and more on top of gift shopping than me…I’m only about halfway done. Guess you know what I’ll be doing for the next several days!

Back soon!



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