Non-Clutter Gifts 2020: Stocking Stuffers

Dec 14

One of my favorite times of the year = sharing gift ideas that everyone will love AND actually use.

Welcome to your non-clutter gift guide – Stocking Stuffers edition!

Nothing induces more clutter during the holidays than those last minute stocking stuffer gifts. I am particularly excited about my list this year because I paid close attention to what we need most often, don’t have enough of, are always using or looking for and items that are TRULY useful, helpful and necessary!

Your gift recipients will LOVE you!!!

Invisibobble Spiral Hair Ties

These spiral hair ties are the best for keeping hair tangle free and they don’t leave a kink…which is always an issue with my hair when I use a standard rubber band. These are clear but they come in all sorts of colors. I like the clear option because they blend right into your hair color.

AirPod Case

How many times have your AirPods gone missing? Whether they belong to your kids, you or your friends, this is a fashionable way to keep them organized and close-by on your keychain or attached to a work bag.

Silk Sleep Mask

I am still totally in love with my silk pillow case. I bought mine several months ago and shared it on the blog. I was noticing pillow / sheet marks on the side of my face each morning and heard the reviews of this pillow case. Not only how great it is for skin, but also for hair. Love it! I recently purchased another one to have more than one in my weekly laundry rotation. But they now sell an awesome sleep mask! Great for a stocking!



Flameless Rechargeable Lighter

This one may sound strange for a stocking, but I promise you this is something everyone needs. Lighters go missing all the time in this house AND we were on the hunt for a rechargeable version. I love this one because it works so well and it’s pretty.


Ice Roller

This is on my list this year after trying it at a clients home. Maybe it’s the uptick in my 2020 wine intake (lol!) but I’ve noticed my face can occasionally be a little puffy in the morning. This roller helps with dry skin and fatigue, it calms the skin and the massaging effect feels incredible.


Coffee Cup Warmer

This is a total game changer! I drink coffee all day long. After 20 minutes of my mug sitting on the desk, it’s cold. Instead of reheating in the microwave, you can set your mug right here to keep it warm as long as you wish!


Stainless Drinking Straws

I’m organizing more and more of these in the kitchens we work in. I also invested in several packages this year with the kids home and making smoothies during remote learning (anyone else have kids who are into smoothies and smoothie bowls now?). I love this rose gold color. The set comes with 2 cleaning brushes as well.


Charging Cord

Not sure I need to explain this one. Everyone needs more than one charger cord…and they always go missing!

Portable Charger

In addition to missing charger cords, the people in my life tend to run out of juice fairly often. This portable charger is a great gift for your kids!


Cord Organizer

I love this charging cord because it has a built-in organizing feature. You wrap the cord around the base and then it snaps back over the top to hide the cord! Genius and great for travel too because of its small footprint.


Bluetooth Speaker

I listen to music while I’m writing or organizing. This small yet mighty and beautiful bluetooth speaker is a great gift for anyone…and fits perfectly in a stocking.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Yes, 2020 has been the year of Zoom meetings, online remote learning and A LOT of time on the computer / devices. These blue light blocking glasses should be on everyone’s list!

Sleek Outlet Cover

Nothing more unsightly than seeing all of the outlets around your home. Especially in a space you have decorated beautifully…or you don’t like visual clutter. This sleek outlet cover plugs into the wall and gives you room to plug in several items. So cool!


Webcam Camera Cover Slide

Since we are all spending a lot of time on our devices, these webcam camera cover slides are a great method for ensuring security – especially with our children’s devices. These adhere to any camera and you simply slide it back and forth when you need to.

Jack Black Lip Balm

Because we are all feeling dry this season, this is the best lip balm!


Lip Gloss

And because I am always asked about the lip gloss I’m wearing or holding in my hand while sharing IG stories, this is the one. The only lip gloss / lipstick I wear. It’s seriously the best!! Comes in several colors.

Hope you enjoyed my stocking stuffer gift ideas. More non-clutter gift ideas coming your way!

Anyone done shopping yet???

Back with more guys!



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