SO | Home Team Holiday Party

Dec 29

No better year than this one to host the first annual SO | Home team holiday party! I’ve had a small team of assistants for the last two-ish years and wanted to host something to share my gratitude for their hard work. The last couple years with the move / life changes made it a little challenging. This year was also tight since I had to pull back on in-person work for a couple months. But it was time. AND another motivating factor = I hired 3 new assistants who began this week! Therefore, I wanted to celebrate one time with just our small team of 4.

Due to Covid and our county under lockdown, restaurants are closed for in-person dining. But actually this would have been what I planned even if they were open. Because something this intimate, casual and beautiful is exactly what I had in mind! It exceeded my expectations and dreams!

(All photo credits: Stella Yang Photography)

My local community is full of talented female small business owners. In the last year or so, I’ve noticed on Instagram that a few in the party planning / hosting arena rallied together to promote and support one another. I love that! When I say the community is full of these gems, I mean it!

This gathering would not have been possible without the help from Stella of Cali Picnics…the Stella who is also the photographer behind these beautiful images!

She creates beautiful picnics on the beach, in a backyard, in your home…and more!

Instead of going to the trouble of a lot of food and in an effort to be safe with handling it, we brought in personal cheese plates from Danville Cheese. Nicole made the most beautiful, delicious plates for us!

We gathered around the table casually and enjoyed 2 hours together…NOT talking about organizing.

The beautiful centerpiece was created by Molly of Branches and Blooms. Remember her garage workspace I designed and organized this year?

The flowers were perfect!

As a gift for my team, she created gorgeous wreaths. I’m an organizer and the idea of gifting them with stuff or something not useful – it’s not a Sam move. The wreaths are something they can enjoy all winter long. They are truly beautiful!

Stella placed the wreaths at each place setting and I purchased beautiful acrylic tags with their names…

Roz from Poptarts & Peonies does an incredible job helping you come up with an idea and then she executes. I love these tags so much! And so did the girls!

Stella is not only an amazing party planner, but an incredible photographer. The talent! She captured the party space beautifully and I love looking back on this event in photos.


I am definitely not someone who enjoys taking photos but am aware I desperately need an updated headshot. She tried taking a few of me inside before the party. But being dressed up really doesn’t represent me as I am.

So after the party when it was time to clean up, we headed out to the garage for photos in my totally comfortable element! May not be wearing what I typically do…but it’s a start!…

And definitely way more ME!

She’s returning in January for a real headshot session and I can’t wait! I definitely see a ladder making an appearance in those! LOL!

I hope you had a wonderful celebration – no matter what you celebrate! I am still deep in the trenches of 2020 and feel like it’s going to just slide right into 2021…it’s go time for getting organized! The emails are rolling in and I seriously can’t wait to get back to organizing. In the meantime, I’m cleaning up my own house and spaces.

Back soon with more you guys!!



Photos by Stella Yang

Picnic by Cali Picnics

Cheese Plates by Danville Cheese

Flowers & Wreaths by Branches & Blooms

Acrylic Tags by Poptarts & Peonies

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