The Ultimate Garage Workspace for a Florist

Jul 18

Sometimes I consult a client in a new space and know it’s going to take me a little time to come up with a design or a system. Sometimes I see a space and know exactly what to do. This garage wall falls into the later category. As soon as I saw this empty slate, beautiful window and heard her dreams / saw the contents, the vision of the after could not be more clear in my mind. This turned into the ultimate garage workspace for this sweet and very talented florist. So thrilled for her as she now has all the space she needs to work and contain her beautiful supplies.


I don’t always share before photos. The reason I’m sharing a couple today is to prove you can work around obstacle and obstructions on a garage wall to have a space you’ve dreamed of.

I’ve said this before but I’m not a girl who says no. There is always a solution. Always a way to make it work. There were a few obstacles in our way, but nothing I couldn’t work around. For example, you can see obstructions on the right and left of the window…

Massive water heaters on the left and fire boxes on the right. We had a few outlets as well, but those are always easy to work around. As soon as I saw that gorgeous window, I knew we needed a work surface directly below it. Nothing like working in natural light…and especially when designing floral arrangements.


This new garage work space belongs to small business owner Molly of Branches & Blooms. She runs a home-based floral business and she also creates amazing front porch displays. She is incredibly talented and I adore this woman tremendously. It’s always my favorite type of project when I’m helping a fellow small business owner organize a space for their business. And this one is going to give her the creative space and freedom to focus on her talents…and not be running from here to there trying to locate vases or supplies around the house.

( elfa ventilated shelving )

Seriously, I don’t know which part of this project was my favorite. I loved designing and installing, but I really loved sorting out her vase collection and styling the shelves. She has the most incredible taste and eye for style…

( similar galvanized bucket )

They have a 3 car garage, so the 3rd stall was the perfect location for her own at-home mini-studio…

Tons of shelves gave us room to space out her collection of vases, throw pillows, battery-operated candles and seasonal items.

The foundation wall below the system provided the perfect framework for some items to sit pretty on the floor beneath it all…

The gray work surface is 20″ deep, giving her a ton of open counter space to spread out…

( work surface )

And with a view!…

9 drawers offer ample storage for small items she can quickly grab…

( similar doormat | striped area rug )

With minimal wall space to hang the doormats (which I was hoping to do in a cool way) I had to place them on the ground beneath the drawers. But they work just fine here. I mean, they are meant to be on the floor anyway. 🙂

I filled the floor space to the left of the window with her larger buckets that contain area rugs, birchwood logs, and more…

organized garage wall system

( tall birch branch | birch logs )

I was able to work around the fire boxes to the right of the window without issues. And will likely be able to pop in a couple more shelves for more storage space…

This was exactly how I envisioned it the day I consulted with her. A dream come true to deliver a space this beautiful and organized for someone so dedicated to making other people’s lives more lively with flowers and decor!

In the end, I popped her previous work table next to the system so she has 2 work surfaces to spread out. She is loving all the available space!

While I was there prepping for install day, I edited the back wall to give them a bit more room. Organized a costco shelf while I was at it…

And organized the 2 fridges – 1 for adults and 1 for kids!…

garage fridge

I couldn’t be sad or grieve too long when this project ended – seeing her reaction made me so happy! As a small gift when the project was completed, I presented her with a wall hanging that fits perfectly in the space to the left of the window…

A custom acrylic wall hanging with her business logo hand-drawn…and pressed branches in the middle…

This was designed by Roz of Pop Tarts & Peonies. She nailed my dream for this gift! And Molly was so touched. It’s truly a beautiful space! When the wall hanging is up, I’ll be sure to share a complete shot.

So excited for her to get to work in here! Stopped by before the 4th of July and she was working on front door wreaths out here. Was so awesome to see her being creative in a space all her own!

Hope you enjoyed this closer look at Molly’s new floral garage work space!

Hope you are having a great weekend everyone! Back soon!



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  1. Brenda says:

    My goodness!! That was AMAZING! Jus beautiful! I so wish I had a garage that tidy and organized! Wished you were closer,to,work that magic on my garage!

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Brenda!

      I wish I lived closer too – this was a VERY fun project and enjoyed every moment sorting and styling these vases. The same set-up can be added to any garage for any hobby. So many possibilities!


  2. Cynthia says:

    I’m a newly trained Master Gardener in my area and have been re-organizing this week to manage my tools/chemicals/soil/pots productive for my indoor and outdoor projects in North Carolina. Thanks for the inspiration

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