The New Website is Live!

Jul 26

Excited to finally share the new website is live! Can hardly believe after months and months of working on this that it’s real. The site is pretty much completed and it’s launched into the World!

a little background

After blogging for more than 10 years and running the organizing business for nearly 7, the lines were definitely blurred on the previous site. When I first started blogging back in 2010, the blog was hosted on the free Blogspot platform. Most bloggers had long jumped that ship and headed over to WordPress, but I was afraid of change and the learning curve of an all new platform.

WordPress turned out to be a pretty seamless move and am happy the blog will continue living on WordPress here on the new website.

Issue with the old site is it wasn’t client-friendly and didn’t define exactly what it is I do. What services I offer. What the process is when you hire me. In my opinion, the site was disorganized and made it appear as if I was more of a blogger than an organizer. I’m proud to say I’m both! And the blog will always be the heart of this business, BUT my ultimate goal is connecting with families who need help. So the website needed to showcase more as a business than a blog.

As I said above, the old site didn’t really say what I did, how I did it or what my core beliefs are. Or how I can help solve a client’s pain points. It’s critical for people to understand more of those points so they feel comfortable taking the next step of complete the contact form. At this point in my business I’ve worked with hundreds of families – the vast majority have all shared they were hesitant to contact me for fear of the unknown. The more they know about how non-judgmental the process is, how comfortable and quiet it is, the more likely they are to reach out. The site needed to make all of that and more crystal clear.

how i found my web designer

I first located the website design of my dreams on the Tonic website. I love all of their clean, crisp designs and had a tough time choosing the perfect one because they are all so beautiful. But I knew of all the design sites out there, Tonic and Showit was for me. Once I landed on the design I loved, I purchased it at a discount during a Black Friday sale. Yes, way back in November!

Next was locating a designer to help me bring it to life. Do I have enough technical background from blogging over 10 years to have done it myself? Maybe. But there are times when you need to hire an expert. And during that time the business was very busy. It would have taken me 2x or 3x as long to get this site live if I did it myself. The Tonic team sent over a few designer referrals and I landed on Rachael Earl – my little web angel!

Words can not begin to explain how much of a total pleasure it was (and will continue to be) working with her. We began working together in November and she was professional from our first engagement through the site going live last week, nearing the end of July. Nothing stopped her from fixing kinks or editing colors I was unhappy with or moving photos around or the pain of deciding what pages to add or omit. Above and beyond everything she did, she connected me with a great copywriter to bring the website words to life and a branding designer who is helping me design my new e-book (launching soon), including the sales page design and all the backend stuff I am clueless about.

Rachael was everything through this process and can’t thank her enough! There were a lot of starts and stops throughout this process – all my doing. I don’t have an assistant to read / respond to emails on my behalf and I’m generally working in person with clients so many times her emails would sit in my inbox for weeks without a response. Shelter in Place helped move the needle ahead a bit, but I was still slow in the process because I cared deeply about how the site turned out. No matter what was happening on my end or the delays I was causing, she was patient and understanding throughout!

My copywriter is Lauren from Salted Pages and Ingrid from Penguin Designing is helping me with the ebook / sales page.

This website would not be here without the help of these 3 incredibly talented women. Loved working with them and will continue in the future…as well as refer them to anyone else who mentions needing help!

browse around

You may be reading this post from a feed-reader and aren’t seeing the website design. If you have a minute, I’d love for you to hop around and take a look! I created this quick video to show you around a bit myself…hope you enjoy it!

Excited to jump into the next chapter of this business – and there’s a lot more to come!

Back soon with more you guys!



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