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Jul 14

Long time no post…but happy to be here with an update. Get comfortable because this could be long – and definitely includes a lot of imagery to enjoy! I hope you’re doing well, wherever you are in the US and beyond. In California, yesterday our governor ordered specific businesses and activities to be shut down again. Covid cases are on the rise – hope you’re staying healthy…and sane!


Been well over a month since I’ve blogged. There’s a mix of reasons behind that, but the main issues are simply time and priorities.

When the original shelter orders lifted, I cautiously and carefully returned to work on projects that were on hold. In addition, a whole new crop of projects popped up as frustrated families who were confined at home during SIP were finally able to have me visit for a consult. You’ll see more of the projects I’ve been working on below, but where I’ve chosen to focus at the moment is on projects that are well-ventilated with minimal contact or those where families aren’t home so I can work alone. Many families are in Lake Tahoe or vacationing somewhere, which makes the perfect opportunity for me to be there. But if they are home, I’m being choosy about the spaces I’m in. Everyone appreciates the careful thought on this one – esp here in California, again, where Covid cases are on the rise.

Of course, another reason for not blogging – the kids are home for summer. Seems like summer has been going on for months because of remote learning from March – May. We’re doing our best to try to make them happy. But if you’re a parent during this time, I am sure you know the struggle of limited friends to play with and limited places to go. Everything is shut down here – even parks.

Let’s get on to other updates!


The new website is SO close to launching. I’m working from home most of this week and shut down all other devices / notifications / computer windows to completely focus on getting final details to my web designer. The new site is beautiful and think you’re going to love the layout, ease of navigation, the blog, galleries…and more! I am really excited about this! Also excited we have SEO embedded in the site to specifically reach people in my area who need organizing help. The current site doesn’t really do that…and really presents itself more as a blog than a business.

Last Fall I started the process with a designer. Will share all the details about her once it’s officially launched. It’s been slow-going and learned through this process just how stretched I am. I’ve been the main hold up all along the way. It’s proven just how desperately I need an admin assistant or VA…and someone highly skilled with all the types of techy stuff I have going on in the background of this business. If I had someone on board to help, the website development would have moved along quickly. Many times I was the hold up in getting tasks or copy or questions answered because I’m a one woman show…and no one else answers emails except me.

I pulled together a quick sneak peek for you guys. Take a look!…

Can’t wait to launch this baby!


While working on several neglected topics during the quiet of SIP, I pulled out an old ebook I wrote years ago. This ebook is aimed toward those dreaming of a career in organizing. The original book was small and wrote it to satisfy the volume of people who reach out every week asking how I got started. I used to respond to everyone individually, but as the business grew and time was limited, I sent a drafted response. Then I stopped responding altogether because inevitably they would respond with more questions for help. I couldn’t keep up and at this point in my career I don’t have time to mentor new organizers. Do I hope to do that later? Yes. But not right now as I’m building my portfolio and heads down doing the work I love.

Anyway, I revisited the ebook, re-wrote it completely…to the point it’s well over 50 pages. And you can guess or come to the conclusion this new version is going to launch soon. I’ve been working with another designer who is helping make the book beautiful as well as all the behind the scenes web stuff where people can locate it / purchase. She and my web designer have been a key part of both of these major projects. Couldn’t have done it without them and honestly hope they stick around for a while to do additional things together. More details to come on this one too!


As mentioned above, have been careful about the projects I’ve taken on. Most of them are garages or homes where the family isn’t around. This has worked out well since the weather is nice and it’s summer…meaning families are likely to head out of town anyway. The one major issue / hold up on most of my projects at the moment? The ability to get ahold of product. And in a timely manner. The Container Store is really struggling. In-store shopping is a pain – we have to wait outside sometimes up to an hour or longer to get into the store. The store is in disorder, the employees are taxed…and then the check-out line is just as long as the wait to get in. Ordering online has been rough too. So I’ve been focusing more on decluttering and organizing with what we have on hand…setting place holders until we can easily shop for items or get product in hand. We’re being patient…but it’s definitely testing everyone.

Anyway, here’s a few recents I know you will love! As always, look for a full blog post detailing project specifics at a later time.


I worked with a garage company to design this beautiful garage. It was installed during SIP because all the work was completed outside. So pretty!!!…

white garage cabinets

We were able to re-purpose their existing overhead shelving by shortening the length to fit perfectly above the new cabinets…

overhead garage shelving


This sweet couple had their kitchen renovation delayed several times during SIP. When the orders lifted, she was the first home I visited to pack the kitchen…

packing kitchen

Can’t wait to see this after!

One note about the benefit of hiring an organizer to pack you. It’s well worth the investment and will be – as you guessed – totally organized / seamless! I can’t begin to tell you how many homes we’ve unpacked only to find complete disarray inside the boxes. It’s especially beneficial to hire an organizer if your items are staying in your home or stored outside / offsite in a POD. It makes unpacking simple and easy!

This couple had me stage the boxes in the dining room, where they are secure / safe from the construction…

moving boxes


A local landscape design firm moved into a new office space and brought me in to help with space planning, organizing and design. This one for sure was out of my wheelhouse and threw me. It was challenging and took a few months to wrap my head around a game plan. But in the end you won’t believe the before and after. I brought in a local home-based interior designer to help me with some of the design – in the lobby mainly. But together we nailed it and love the way it turned out. Here’s a peek at one of the areas I organized – their landscape design material samples. This was prior to a return trip for labeling…

landscape materials


In a few cases, I was there to offer a freshening up of a space we’ve already organized. And in a garage, nothing is off limits for me. Including their garage fridge. In this garage the fridge is mainly dedicated to adult beverages…

drink fridge

And in this garage, there are 2 fridges – one for the kids, one for the adults…

garage fridge

I love surprising clients with this special addition to organizing. I don’t tell them … let them discover it on their own. Love those late night texts when they’ve gone out to grab a drink in the evening – haha!


All of the projects I work on are a labor of love, but this one…it’s special. And turned out exactly as I envisioned…

organized garage wall system

Local florist and front porch decorator, Molly of Branches & Blooms, reached out about creating a work space in her garage. As soon as I saw the blank wall and that beautiful window, I knew exactly what to do to make the most of the space. We had a few obstacles in the way, but nothing a little Elfa can’t solve.

( Elfa work surface | similar elfa system )

She has the most stunning vase collection, but they were spread out all over the house. Now everything is here where she can see and grab easily…

When the project was complete I surprised her with a beautiful sign for her space. I worked with a local artist (Roz of Pop Tarts & Peonies) to help create this beauty…

When I share a full blog post I’ll be sure to add more details and links…

Just beautiful!!! And I love helping small business owners get set up for success / efficiency.


This one – this is one of my top highlights of 2020. And also the project that took the most out of me physically. My friend and fellow small business owner, Nicole of Eye For Pretty, reached out for unpacking help as she neared the end of a year-long client renovation project. You must not miss the details of this gorgeous home she designed. It is truly so beautiful! She did a live walk-through tour Q&A on her Instagram feed so be sure to check it out!…

The family had the entire contents of their home packed and placed in the garage prior to the renovation. Between their contents and all the finishes, fixtures, building materials, furnishings, etc…the garage was jam-packed with boxes and more. I mean that! Floor to ceiling, wall to wall. Even I was worried about taking on the project. But it turned out beautifully!

I spent a full week – weekends included – going through each and every box, unloading boxes, organizing, decluttering, space planning, etc…all while Nicole and her team were there adding the finishing touches…and the builder was there finishing everything last detail from lights to venetian plaster and more. The builder is Barale

I am looking forward to meeting this family soon for next steps. All I could do was unpack and go with what I found for organizing. Now that they’re home, I can revisit to fine tune all the details.


Through it all, we’ve managed to work on a few projects at our home. Including painting the garage and I’ve started installing the wall system…

It’s been off and on as I get pulled away with kids stuff or product hold-ups. But it’s coming along…anxious to get everything finished so I can finally find every tool. AND know when they are missing!

I added a shelf to the gym which helped get some of the small equipment off the floor and upright…

Edited a few kitchen drawers…

And we’ve spent a lot of time with outdoor projects, like adding chairs around the firepit, updating some landscaping, and trying to carve out time to enjoy the hard work. The weather has mainly been mild, which is interesting considering around this time we soar well into the 100s every day…

Some are getting more time to relax than others…

More to share and update, but this went long. I will either be back just before the launch of the new site or after. But did want to give you a heads up that at some point I won’t be able to blog as it all moves over and migrates to the new platform. And it may disappear for a bit? Not sure – good question to ask the designer if you have all subscribed to some sort of feed reader??

Really excited to get this going!

Again, hope you’re all doing well – let me know in the comments!

Back soon guys!



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  1. Valentina says:

    Hi Samantha, I was waiting for the new post of you. So curious for the changed website.:) Workspace of the florist turnd uit beautifuly, you just want to walk in en start to create!

    • Samantha says:


      Thank you for the note – Felt good to be back here on the blog!

      Can’t wait for the new site. So pretty and clean. Much easier for potential clients to navigate…and video is coming soon as well. Can’t wait!

      Thank you again for the note!


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