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May 28

Well, I can admit what has definitely been consistent around here during quarantine isn’t only working out or walking daily or the uptick in grocery store visits because people can’t seem to stop eating. I also confess to the nightly glass (or two) of wine. In the process of enjoying our wine, I learned how to clean wine glasses to a perfect spotless finish. So whether you’ve been indulging like us during at-home time or are just frustrated in general with spotty wine glasses, I have the perfect easy cleaning tip for you. Along with a few other tips I discovered in my research.

Oh! And I did a quick video for you to see the process as well! You can see that near the bottom of this post.

I absolutely LOVE our butler’s pantry. Soon I’ll share more details about it, how it’s organized and where it’s situated in the kitchen. But you can see here the dining room is on the other side…

We use this space almost as much as the kitchen – this is not wasted spaced at all! We have a drink fridge that is accessed several times a day…and a coffee center accessed equally as often. And it’s the perfect spot to keep wine, wine glasses and more entertaining-ware.

In general in the evening we have a glass of wine and then leave the empty glass on this counter to wash all at once every few days. No, we didn’t have a gathering…this was just accumulated over many days…

The dishwasher in this space is intended for glasses but honestly does not do the best job getting wine glasses clean or spotless. We tried. And after doing research into cleaning wine glasses I discovered they really shouldn’t ever be washed in the dishwasher anyway. They are too prone to breaking this way and depending on your soap or rinse agents, they will come out spotty or foggy.

So then how do you easily clean them AND get them spotless?


It’s easy! Just 3 steps…


Wash glasses in hot soapy water using Dawn dish soap and a new cleaning wipe / sponge


Dry with a regular microfiber cloth


Shine with a glass cleaning e-cloth

That’s it!


I do have some important feedback / tips on the type of dish soap and sponge you should use, but feel free to share your tips in the comments too. Everyone has different methods – this one worked the best for us.

I tried using our usual dish soap, Mrs Meyers. We could not get the glasses clean or defogged. The only dish soap that worked was Dawn.

Another tip I picked up which was hugely important – you need to use a new, fresh cleaning sponge, rag or sheet when washing your glasses. This prevents food oils, grease or general cleaning gunk from your regular sponge getting smeared all over the wine glasses. I found the thin Scotch-Brite cleaning wipes to be the best. Their thin material made it easy to also squeeze my hand into the glass. 🙂 You probably recognize these from your local grocery store or Target but you can also grab them on Amazon.

Finally, if you still notice spots after following my steps, you can steam them carefully by holding a glass over a pot of simmering water. Then use a microfiber cloth to dry. Be careful with this one.


An e-cloth is just a version of a microfiber cloth. If you aren’t familiar with microfiber, you should be – these are the best! And most of the time all you need for cleaning with a cloth like this is water. This is our collection…

You can see the different colors and textures in the bin here. That’s because each one is intended for a different surface / purpose. I have some specifically for electronics, others for cleaning counters, others for glass or windows, etc. It does matter which one you use for each surface because that is how you get the ultimate finish.

And this includes your wine glasses!

You can find microfiber cloths from plenty of retailers, but my personal favorite is e-cloth specifically. (This is not a sponsored post – by the way. I love and use these all the time.)

This is a great general home starter pack

Or if you just want the glass cloths that’s great too…

The dish soap and clean sponge is going to get you close, but the e-cloth is your magic weapon in getting that totally spotless finish.

I ended up re-washing the white wine glasses too…


You can see me in action here and I encourage you to get started with your own glasses. So easy, with very few steps and didn’t take much time!


Anyone else notice you’re enjoying a little more wine at home these days??

Back soon with more!



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