How To Organize & Streamline DVDs

May 27

A long long looooong time ago I shared how I organized and streamlined our dvd collection from this…

To this…

Seriously. The best part of this project edit was the peek back to just a couple years into the blog. Look at that watermark. LOL! So old school. And with the old blogspot web name. Geez. Hard to believe that was EIGHT years ago! It was fun to look back to see what I was doing, how I wrote and where my photography skills were. Ha!

Anyway, of course a close runner up to the best part of this post? This new after…

In 2012 I edited our DVD collection to those 2 baskets. A few months later I added custom dividers with extra file folders and washi tape…

Then I laminated the dividers

Notice the new watermark?…Ha!

And the collection stayed that way since March of 2013. Here they were just a few days ago – still in fairly good shape…

But now with much older kids and the ability to stream nearly any movie or show you want to see, it was time to revisit our collection yet again to thin it out. I still had (and will likely keep a few) Thomas the Train and Scooby Doo…even some Little Einstein’s. Memories!!! This week while working on a few more “at-home” long overdue projects, I knocked this one off the list.

Another reason to edit this project again is that I am no longer lugging DVDs in the car. The baskets made it easy to take on car trips when the kids were much younger and I needed that DVD player rolling through long carpool lines, etc.

In our new phase of life, I had been admiring this clear, pretty and simple DVD stand for a while…

( DVD stand )

It fits perfectly in a drawer near the TV where the dvd player is located. And I love the dividers too…

I still had a few boxes of Atlantic DVD Sleeves so I didn’t need to order the sleeves that go along with this new stand. The Atlantic Sleeves work just as well and honestly, I prefer their clear feature / color…as opposed to having a darker sleeve…

There are 2 pieces – one for your discs and then you slide the disc sheet along with the dvd cover into the outer sleeve…

You know I’m keeping these Disney movies – all of them!

I pulled discs to donate and replaced sleeves that were worn out…I could actually still feel those tiny hands / smudgy fingerprints all over the sleeves. So sweet! But definitely time to update after all these years. A few of the sleeves were pretty worn from being opened and closed over and over and OVER again.

Here we now…down to one holder…

Looking so clean and pretty!

This is a space saver – no matter if you want to DIY a version like I did or grab this one from The Container Store or Amazon

If you’re still working on those at-home projects, this is a great one to complete – easy, fun to look through your DVD collection and it’s going to save you tons of space!

Hope you guys are doing well! I’m officially back to work and couldn’t be more excited. With precautions of course, but I’ll take it!

Back soon with more!



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