Simply Done: Pantry Reset

May 14

Just in time for the weekend or a pre-summer junk food purge, I’m here to share this beautiful pantry we re-organized a few months ago. Matter of fact, this project was completed in January. A moment when everyone was removing those indulgent holiday foods from their homes! Regardless of season, there’s never a bad time to conquer a pantry reset.

I was inspired by the simple beauty of this pantry with it’s blue-gray barn doors, but at first sight during the consultation I knew exactly what would solve the issues. Can you see it too?…

The abundance of floor space and available hanging standards were prime locations for an additional shelf. I definitely saw their great containment – we’d easily re-purpose these. And had visions of a few additional key products to bring it home. But that wide open wall space was begging for another shelf.

Last year while goal planning for 2021, on my list was upping my product game. Don’t get me wrong, I will always have my standard go-to’s. The products that stand the test of time, work hard and can transition from space to space. But I wanted to push myself outside the norm and bring in new, different yet still beautiful and long-lasting. This includes exposing myself to more closet systems than just Elfa.

This pantry (and it’s nearby playroom closet which I’ll share soon) was the perfect project to step over the line.

This closet is a Closetmaid system. Was very easy to manipulate / edit – but my issue was locating the product. After a couple months searching for Closetmaid shelving, turns out Rubbermaid creates a similar system with exact measurements to match. Who knew? I found a Rubbermaid shelf in the correct depth and length, in addition to the Closetmaid shelf brackets, at Home Depot.

Everything out…

And add a shelf!…

( shelf | shelf brackets )

Given the amount of space, only one shelf was sufficient without crowding, but doesn’t it make an incredible impact? Any time I can edit your space by way of adding shelves instead of bins / containers…it’s a win in my book!

I repurposed their existing clear storage, which is already go-to products for us and added a couple new solutions to bring in a different feel and deliver more function.

( clear handled container | wood turntable | 3-tiered riser )

In January, the Container Store was out of stock on nearly everything we needed…for every project. Thankfully, Target has awesome home decor and home organizing depts. There I located these wood turntables with a larger surface that perfectly fit the shelf footprint…

I think they are intended for entertaining, but I love their larger 12″ surface for containing oils, vinegars, sauces and more.

When organizing a pantry, it’s about zoning your categories. You can see in the before images the zones were non-existent. Every home has different priorities in terms of what they grab most often. But in general, it’s a good rule to keep your most loved items front and center, while everything else up high or low. This family of 3 has a pre-schooler…so mom’s request was that the treats were hidden up high, while some easy to grab snacks could be placed on the lowest shelf.

Another suggestion – while not every pantry requires bins, bins and containers do provide structure and boundaries. And this is turn will keep your zones a little more zoney. 🙂

Just add doors and we’re done…

( floor bin )

The pantry is located in the kitchen so while we were there, we spent time reorganizing their cabinets and drawers as well. You’ll later see the playroom closet played a role in kitchen items too…so it made sense to tackle all three spaces in one day.

( dividers )

Is your pantry on the hit list this weekend? I find my pantry is ALWAYS on the list. It’s one of the most loved spaces in any home…and especially ours.

Have a great weekend! Back with more soon!



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