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May 4

If you’re a small business owner, chances are you didn’t pursue your passion to only sit at your desk week in and week out crunching numbers. Or stressing about taxes, payroll and bookkeeping. Unless of course, that’s the type of small business work you do. In my case, I have a passion for professional organizing. Helping families declutter, simplify, and live lighter. Climbing a ladder a few times a week. Installing shelving and labeling. Making spaces beautiful. Never did I think I’d live in agony over numbers. All the numbers.

All the financial creep that rolls in as you run your small business. And you won’t know just how much creep there is or how many hats you’ll wear until and unless you run a small business.

2020 was the year I took a hard look at the internal systems of this business. One of many silver linings of lock down was precious time to update the website, locate and hire my new amazing assistant, streamline systems behind the scenes and more. The financials were top of the list!

Tara and I had dreams of locating someone to help with regular bookkeeping, quarterly taxes, annual taxes and payroll … as we began to hire additional team members. But we needed an expert who understood small business. While I’m busy focusing on my zone of genius…

We needed an expert to focus on what I’m not an expert in = numbers!

I had no idea H & R Block has a team dedicated to small business. It’s called Block Advisors.

Block Advisors is dedicated to meeting the needs of small business owners. And they do this year round. Not only do they offer tax services during tax season, they help with bookkeeping and payroll needs too. A long-term goal was getting to the point we were filing quarterly taxes AND that we could have someone to contact with financial questions all year long. Sure, I could have tried to find someone local or an accounting firm. But again, I really wanted to find someone who understood small business.

Block Advisors was our answer! Their tax professionals are small business certified with an average of 12 years experience and they focus ON small business. Answered prayers!

My tax pro, Susan, was amazing to work with and the process to get our taxes completed – EARLY! – was painless. So grateful to have them completed already…and I’m getting a refund this year!


When I say the process was painless, I mean it.

Susan and I met via Zoom a couple months ago. This gave me a chance to meet her, ask questions and talk about the business and personal topics. I then created a secure MyBlock account to upload my tax documents…


She followed up over the next couple weeks with questions and before I knew it, the taxes were completed! I received an email to log into my account to review everything…


And was excited to see I was receiving a refund!…

From there, I was able to review the return before filing…

I could also download a copy. And once it was reviewed, all I had to do was approve the return. Easy!!

Shortly after I received notification that my federal and state returns had been accepted…



Seriously, SO easy and painless!


For my fellow small business owners, here’s more info! You’ll definitely want to do your own research, but I can’t say enough great things about working with Susan!

As a small business tax client you will always get:

– A P&L Statement: Get an accurate view of your business performance and financial standing through professional income statements.

– Business entity structure analysis: See how your business might become more tax-efficient by analyzing possible changes to your entity structure.

– Personalized tax help: Develop a close relationship with your pro and receive actionable help, tailored to you and your business.

There’s also add-on services to really keep you on track:

– Quarterly tax payment service: Avoid paying too much in federal taxes. Block Advisors tax pros can make sure you’re paying the lowest amount to stay on track.

– Year end filing service: Send expenses and business tax docs to your tax pro to organize. They’ll sort through your records and get you ready for filing.

– Business tax audit support: Count on Block Advisors tax pros to review, research and respond to any IRS letter or notice, on behalf of your business in case of an audit.

I really couldn’t believe it myself when I located them and their services. They truly are an integral part of my business now because they aren’t just here during tax season. Susan will be here year round to help with any small business questions.

Once again – You probably didn’t start a business to do taxes, bookkeeping and payroll. But Block Advisors did! 

Block Advisors is a team within H&R Block – focused on the unique financial needs of small business owners. Block Advisors small business certified* tax pros can be found in H&R Block offices around the country as well as Block Advisors offices. Clients can choose how to connect – in person, via phone, chat or secure messaging.

Excited to have Susan on my team so I can focus on what I do really well…

I’d like to thank Angie from H&R Block for partnering with me and Simply Organized. I had the best time meeting her and connecting with Susan. The impact of this partnership is immense.

While this is a partnership, all of the thoughts, opinions and feelings shared in this blog post are 100% my own. This is a true testimonial. And I appreciate their partnership!

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