Gearing Up For Halloween & Fall Decor

Sep 15

This week has been … interesting. I’ll explain more, but I found myself with a nearly clear calendar for the rest of the week. And I couldn’t be more excited. With the rare, treasured available daylight hours, I decided to explore ideas for Fall and Halloween decorating.

As I was scrolling back to last year’s photos, the realization set in. I didn’t share my front porch on the blog. Last Fall we were slammed so I can see why that happened, but better late than never! Excited to share this if you’re on the hunt for some inspiring and simple decor ideas.


For Fall, or really any holiday, I decorate in layers, keep it simple and neutral…

( similar lanterns | rug | mat )

This year won’t look too different. I tend to lean into neutral-toned cinderella pumpkins…

I love the mix of soft colors. With this backdrop, I can then layer Halloween and Thanksgiving…making it easy to add / remove with each passing holiday. For September I keep it simple like this…

Pumpkins, mums and lanterns. Then I add a wreath as we get closer to Halloween. The front door faces the sunset so anything hung on this door dies quickly. Last year, my friend Molly made me a pompas grass wreath….so beautiful and lasted well into the New Year. I moved it to another door when I added the Christmas wreath…

( bats | similar wreath )

The bats were cute and easy!

As we get into late October, the sunset casts a beautiful pink-purple hue on the porch…

These pumpkins can be difficult to get ahold of, so I’m going to begin tracking them down over the next couple days. Last year I searched around and added in layers as I found them. I had some inside the house too. They live forever! I find them at Trader Joe’s, a local nursery and sometimes at Ace Hardware in the garden section…

Inside I generally add a few decorations…mostly candy. Haha! But I did add these spiders over the kitchen hood…

( spiders )


My niece is getting married in the backyard next weekend! We are excited to host her special day…so the front porch needs a refresh / clean-up anyway. I hosted our high school football team parent fund raiser in the backyard about a month ago. I’ll share that event as well. It went off amazingly well and we raised over $30k! So proud of our committee. Generally just so happy to have gatherings here again…have missed being around people, hosting and entertaining.

I’ll share some wedding photos too!


Back to why I have this rare free time the next few days.

We are in the season of severe weather swings. Makes my job tough because we don’t work in garages when it’s over 80 degrees. I can’t guarantee any dates to families until we check the weather…which as you know, always changes last minute. Last week was impossible – so hot. This week – one day is a sweltering 95 …. the next is a comfortable 78. But the projects we need to declutter weren’t available last minute. Next week = who knows?! This happens in the fall and spring so I’m used to it, but it does creep up to surprise me every year.

Bottom line is I need the office time anyway to work on designs and sourcing products for other projects in the pipeline. AND I can have a little downtime before the busy season. AND decorate / spend a little time on our own home.

I hope you’re all doing well and staying healthy! Back soon with more!



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