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Nov 26

Is Black Friday even a thing anymore? Someone tell me something different, but it seems there are deals to be found online all the time. There’s only a few rare gems that pop up from time to time during this actual Black Friday / Cyber Monday period. Like I know everyone is crazy about the Frame TV. Like crazy about it. This TV is in nearly every home we work in and agree, it’s beautiful to have art on the screen while the TV is off. And I’ve also heard how expensive they are. The TV’s are on sale this year – so in that case, probably a good time to buy one. But otherwise, is Black Friday really a thing anymore?

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For the last several weeks I’ve been hearing about all the amazing deals coming our way. Honestly, I haven’t been all that impressed. I did stop at Amazon later this afternoon and saw they did have quite a few things, but I felt overwhelmed being on their site. So much stuff!

I did see that Target has the Keurig on sale ($30 off) – the one I’m planning to purchase for the kids surprise hot chocolate bar I’m setting up soon…

( Keurig )

I’m definitely not into Keurig coffee…but this will be amazing for the kids to easily make hot chocolate or other warm drinks.

( k-cups )

Here’s the first few things I came across that seem like good deals, based on how much they are. And they would make excellent gifts. Who doesn’t love cozy??

This robe from Skims looks warm…I don’t own a robe and it’s on sale for $60…

( robe )

This halter in the same material is super cute…their Cozy Collection is all on sale…

( halter )

These pj’s from Nordstrom are only $40, but this set from Victoria’s Secret is adorable too! Same price…

( pjs )

This sherpa comes in a few colors and is adorable for the teen in your life…

( sherpa )

This hooded throw is adorable too!

( hooded throw )

On the Nordstrom site I found some super cute sweaters. I’m all about gifting something pretty and classic like these…

( sweater )

( sweater )

( sweater )

I’ll be back with other “category” finds throughout the weekend and week ahead. Let me know if you’ve discovered something exceptional.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!



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