LTK In-App Cyberweek Sale!

Nov 20

This isn’t a long post – just a quick pop in this Saturday evening to share a sale worth taking a look at. It’s not often that I talk about the LTK app on the blog, but if you haven’t joined yet, it’s a great time to meet me there. I share something there anyway every day of the week, so it would be great to have you there anyway…. BUT the app occasionally has sales that are only available to shoppers in the app. And tomorrow – Sunday – begins their In-App Cyberweek Sale.



Boll & Branch




I’ve shared my love of Alo more times than I can count. Their clothing is high quality and when you take care of it will last you forever. You guys know I’m not into frequent shopping so when I purchase something, it’s a purchase that’s intended to last.

Still living in this warmth pullover that I found last year…

( pullover )

It’s incredibly soft and warm, but not overheating or constricting. When I work I need good movement in my arms. Also purchased it in black.

Their clothing is high quality, has never frayed on me and lasts a long time. Totally worth taking a look. Would be especially great as gifts too. I’ve always crushed on their winter coats but haven’t pulled the trigger. This may be the year!

This is the one I’ve coveted and they sell it annually…lots of pretty colors including an emerald green this year that is gorgeous…

( sherpa )

In a recent post I shared a couple dresses I found at Express. A lot of influencers have been sharing great finds and always surprised to see their shares from Express. The store’s been around since my teen years walking through the local mall. They’ve come around again.

Anyway, I’d love to have you join me on the LTK app…but would love to see you save money too.

The sale is from November 21 – 24!


Every year I mention the goal of having shopping done BEFORE or right after Thanksgiving. I’m not quite there but definitely keeping my eye out for good sales. My friend Jenn invited me to a sip-n-shop event downtown a couple weeks ago. We stepped into a few cute shops – mostly those that have decor and interior things. We realized quickly we are numbskulls because we weren’t prepared with a list of people to buy for. So we ended up roaming, accomplishing nothing. As soon as I got home I pulled together a list and feel more confident when browsing stores or online sales.

A lot comes across my radar in the type of online / social work I do…just need to keep it organized so I’m ready at a moments notice. Things are selling out quickly this year too.

Hope you’re having a great weekend! I know it’s cliche, but how did it get to even be CYBERWEEK?? Thanksgiving is in a few days?! What???

Back soon!



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