Happy New Year!

Jan 28

Hey, it’s an improvement from 2021 when my first post of the new year was in May! Haha!! Here I am at the end of January. So…hi! And Happy New Year!

One of my goals for this year is one of the same I have every year. To blog more and show up here weekly. At a minimum. I think the only way that’s possible brings me to another goal. Or I should say an area of self-improvement. To show up as I am. Without putting the pressure on. Just show up and write how I feel or to share something I know will be helpful / worth the read or inspire you with a recent project. Come from the heart and to not overthink what I’m writing, how it sounds or if the grammar is perfect.

I’ve noticed that area is something that has become more extreme in recent years. This need to have a perfectly polished blog post for you guys.

Anyway, here I am. I’m here…even though I am not feeling like the old Sam I know or recognize. Not to make this first post of the year so heavy, but I told you…I’m going to show up as myself – however I am. I’ve been riding a bit of an emotional roller coaster the last few months. And if I’m being totally honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if a therapist told me I was suffering from depression.

By the way, I have been interviewing therapists this week and hope to nail down a great one soon. They are hard to come by since the pandemic. I need a professional in my corner who can help me work through thoughts and feelings … and give me some coping strategies. Get me back to feeling whole again. Because I’m really ready to get back to me. To Sam.

To the person who felt hope. Who felt loved and felt deserving of being loved. To the Sam who was fulfilled giving her all to everyone. Doing that made her feel amazing. Not because she expected anything in return but because she believed when you show up as the best version of yourself and give to other people, it comes back. And people do nice things for you in return … because relationships are not a place you go to get things…it’s a place where you give.

On the other hand, I do wonder if I may have given so much to everyone for such a long time without getting things I needed in return that this is the result. ?? Again, not sure, but I’m ready to find out what’s going on and work through it. Get back to me.

I know saying the word “depression” can bring about a lot of thoughts or a debate. I’m not looking for that. I have a deep ability to be introspective. Trust me, I know I have so much to be grateful for – and sometimes people have said to snap out of it you should think about “perspective”. I get it. And to work on that side, last Fall I started journaling in a gratitude journal. And I’ve been writing down small daily things I am grateful for in my main planner too.

Day by day.

And if there’s one thing I am sure of – even though I’m not feeling hopeful right now…maybe even a little scared – I know I’ll make it through. Just as I have before with the many challenges in my life.

In the midst of all the feelings, I’ve been busy with amazing clients and projects. So many projects…

And I’ve started making changes in the business now that I’m a CPO. Not that the designation was needed to make those changes. But having the credential did boost my self-esteem enough to change important pieces behind the scenes. Not every project is the right project for me. As a small business owner, that scarcity mindset creeps in from time to time. So as a result, you end up working with everyone or feel badly or guilty when you say no. But that direction was taking its toll … so we aren’t doing that anymore. While I have a team who works with me on some projects, ultimately most everything is done by me. And there’s only one me.

We have about 25 active projects rolling right now in various phases. Feel VERY grateful for that.

I am not sure if I mentioned it but at the end of 2021 I ended up signing with a management firm. Can’t begin to say how much that has impacted this business owner in a positive way! This is a post for another time but essentially they are now handling ALL of the negotiations and details that have anything to do with brand partnerships. In the past it was just me and my assistant handling and negotiating those details. THIS was NOT our strong point and felt like we were getting bulldozed a lot of the time because we weren’t skilled to negotiate or know what to ask or if their ask / budget was the right thing. We are in much better shape now and there’s a buffer between me and my ability to create content…and the brand and their terms, etc.

This is an example of a recent partnership with Boll & Branch…

If you aren’t following the Instagram account you may have missed it. But you can get 15% off your order with this code – SIMPLYORGANIZED15. I don’t earn money from the sales…just sharing it here in case you are in the market for new bedding this new year! Click here for the site page where you can find what I purchased for the bedroom.

Anyway, my manager, Sarah, is my Godsend for these partnerships. We make a great team and I couldn’t do it without her!

We packed up Christmas decorations this year for one of our favorite families…and then after that, moved it all into a storage unit. AND organized the storage unit. That was new and different!…

I’ll share more projects soon!

I’m still working out as much as I can during this new Covid wave. The gym put the mask mandate back in place so I’ve been mainly on the Peloton in our home gym. And actually find I’m enjoying it a lot. I miss lifting weights but in time I’ll get back there…and will get my muscles back. I’ll gladly accept any level and amount of fitness activity!

Today is my daughter’s 12th birthday. I know…cliche…but so hard to believe. And even harder to believe she’s almost a teenager!

I hope we’re always this close…

And she never looses her very funny sense of humor…

Or her loving, giving heart…

Love this one…so much!

Back soon guys…hope your January has been a great one!




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  1. jkeg4 says:

    Your blog is always beautiful. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter (your mini me). Wishing you the best therapist for you – good luck.

  2. Jennibell says:

    Great to hear from you!!!

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