Good Morning America!

Apr 13

Somehow, my TikTok account and its video content caught the eye of a producer at Good Morning America. Still can’t believe that…and can’t believe I’m saying it out loud. After it aired, they sent us the link to the segment for us to share with our community. So here it is, with some context below it:

Going to take a while to get caught up around here – a lot has happened and SO many projects. BUT let’s start with something exciting!

If you are on TikTok, I’d love to have you join our community. There’s a LOT of videos and it’s REAL projects for REAL families…who are struggling with spaces or decluttering efforts. I never thought I’d end up on TikTok, nurturing a new community. I joined in Fall of 2020 when TikTok partnered with me to complete 40 videos in the span of only 2 months. It was challenging, but a great way to quickly learn the platform.

Since then, I’ve continued adding content…basically sharing the same videos I create for IG Reels.

A few weeks before this aired, a producer from GMA contacted me to ask for permission to feature a few of the TikTok videos in a weekend morning segment. We were like “what?!”. This can’t be real. Trust me when I say we get lots of emails and you never can know what’s real or not.

After some digging, this was in fact was an actual producer!

My manager took over from there and after clarifying they wouldn’t use the content for something negative AND that they would credit the account appropriately, we were off to the races.

The segment was a part of their spring cleaning series and they folded in content from my account as well as another creator.

It was a small win for this small business owner…but forever grateful for the share. It was exactly what I needed one Saturday morning.

To me, features like this are purely more determination to keep doing what I’m doing. That I’m doing something right.

Again – so grateful!

Hope you’re having a great week … back soon with a project highlight!



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  1. So so happy for you Sam! Your work brings me pure joy. Keep it up!!!! Happy Easter to you and your family.

    Hugs –

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