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Apr 10

So, it’s been a year for this one. Honestly, a year I didn’t see coming. But I believe there’s a reason for everything. And I’m more determined than ever to come out of it better, stronger, healthier and happier. And dammit, I’m getting back to blogging too.


I’m not in a place yet to share the why behind our move. Maybe in a few weeks…months. Not sure. But in case you aren’t following on Instagram, where I shared the news a couple weeks ago, we are moving. We are staying local and moving just one city over. I anticipate the move happening around the 1st of May. As you could possibly imagine, and because I’ve written about this before when it comes to helping clients unpack, moving is VERY stressful and exhausting. I’m physically and emotionally zapped between working on projects, office things AND managing the details of packing and our upcoming move…and life stuff. Also making sure my kids are getting the best parts of me and not only seeing me completely drained, stressed and working to the bone on all fronts, or heartbroken.

Anyway, I wanted to mention the move because it’s happening, you’ll see changes to backdrops in my photos, and I have a few partnerships coming up where I wouldn’t have been able to hide the fact I’m swimming in moving boxes. What’s really great is that there’s home improvement projects on the horizon with our new place – fun to get back to those roots. I’ll share more about the home later, but I am excited about a few features…including the fact I will have my home office back AND my coveted white desk will be making it’s return. Seriously can’t wait to sit at that desk again.

So there’s that news.

( brass hangers | shoe boxes )


In other news, things are ok. Work is amazing and off the charts. So many fun families and projects. I’m forever grateful for this small business and the impact it’s making. Love what I do and love that families continue to trust me, hire me and are incredibly lovely all around.

As always, a long list of completed projects to share. So many beautiful spaces and ideas.

I’m hiring, but having a rough go with it. Candidates are hard to come by. Not sure if it’s because of where we are advertising the job or if it’s post-pandemic related. But I believe this business is scalable and I’m turning away work on the daily … these are people who are not in my service area. But they desperately want exactly the service I’m offering. I’m not willing to leave this on the table any longer. It’s scary to think about the endeavor of building a business in California, but I am really excited. About that and a lot of other ideas I have in mind that will reach families around the country.

( shelving )

For me to say out loud that I have HR services, got us registered with the EDD and have an employee handbook near completion. Who am I???!! What was once something that scared me has given me this sense of strength and courage. It hasn’t been as hard to get things moving…what’s been holding me back in general is my available time to get these tasks completed. Everything is sort of on my shoulders. One day I’ll have someone else to handle all of these details so I can stay focused on the bigger vision, designs and client work.

( over-door shoe organizer | drawer system )

For now, I’m focusing on hiring around the Bay Area. But have serious dreams of expanding into a small niche in Orange County. We have roots there – we lived in Irvine for 7-8 years and both boys were born in Newport. They love it down there and I’d love to not only have a second location to focus on…but maybe even a little place to live and visit.

I know, big dreams…but why the heck not?!

( file boxes | baskets | magazine file | memory boxes )


Our indoor mask mandate finally lifted just a couple months ago…and hopefully this is for good. So I’m back in the gym and truly happy to be there. I have a trainer who sends me 2 weeks of workouts that I repeat…so 4 weeks of workouts at a time. Been a game changer and grateful to have her in my life. The gym plays a critical role in my mental health so having it back is everything.

I don’t know what has gotten into me but I’m currently on a 21-week Peloton streak. WHOA! Well, actually…the little addiction started back when the masks were still on so I started riding the bike at home, but it’s continued into the gym. Some days I ride for 30 minutes, some days it’s 60 minutes minimum because I need it or get lost in the sweat. Key has been getting up early in the morning to knock it out.

Regardless, feels great to be there and also back into the weights.

Have more updates, but this is getting a bit long. Look forward to being here more often and have truly missed the connection. I’m also noticing how much social media is controlling who and how much of our content is being seen. I think getting back to blogging is where it’s at.

Let me know how you’re all doing too! Back soon with more updates!



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  1. I am Jann says:

    Best of luck in dealing with the “Casa de Cardboard” as it was described to me from another military wife. The last time I moved was to our current home in January, 2010. THis has been the longest time in the same home for all of us…my 91 year old mom (a military wife), hubby, retired military, & me (my Ex was also military who retired in 2005).

    I’m looking forward to your desk photos again! It certainly is a nice piece!

  2. jennibell says:

    Wow, so much going on! I’m thinking blogs are still the backbone of many businesses. . .it’s so hard to know what I’m seeing/not seeing on SM. Hate that you feel stressed right now and am assuming some of that is just the ages of your kiddos too — they need a lot, even when they can tie their own shoes and make their own meals :/
    It’s interesting to hear that you are having a hard time hiring — I’m at the other end and can’t figure out why it’s so hard to find something in my world. I think people have changed so much socially as a result of the pandemic it’s going to take some time to find the “new normal”. I wish I was in your area — would love to be a part of your business!!
    Hope to hear more from you on this blog :). You are so very talented with what you do for others. You must have an amazing reputation in your area to have to turn business away. Good for you!!

    • Samantha says:

      Hi there! Yes, a lot going on. It’s day to day over here…sometimes hour to hour. Miss being here and SO looking forward to having more time to be here sharing with you guys!


  3. Emily says:

    Glad you’re back to blogging.

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