Updates for Winter

Jan 31

When the holiday decorations come down, the range of feelings is interesting. So nice to have it packed away with a clean slate…but suddenly everything looks minimal and bare. This winter I’ve done a few updates. By the way, one is a partnership BUT this is not a sponsored blog post. I just want to be sure you’re able to access this discount. The partnership was shared on Instagram. I don’t make ANY money if you click the link or use my code. Just making that clear….I’m just sharing here to share.


Starting in the entry. Remember when I shared this entry table?…

I shared it in November (this post) and am still pretty unhappy with the color. Looks nothing close to the advertised color…

( table )

You can compare the 2 above images … my table definitely has a green tone. Not a whitewashed gray, as advertised. BUT the issue is I’ve been having a tough time finding something else that is the same size. I may have found one the other day, but sitting on it for a few reasons…

( table )

Although I’m not sure I’ll buy this one, I wanted to share in case you’re in the market for a new round table. I have spent hours researching a table that would fit here. So please let all my research go to good use! 🙂

This one is customizable. You can choose the top and base. AND you can choose the tabletop circumference.

Meanwhile, I wanted to bring something uplifting into the entry, so I added a vase with tall stems…

( vase | flowers )


Last week I mentioned I joined a management firm. I’ll share more about that later, but my manager reached out about an opportunity to partner with Boll & Branch and the timing couldn’t have been better. I had been dreaming about a new classic white bedding set for winter / spring. A staple set that I can layer color on over the seasons. And I love Boll & Branch!

I went with their Signature Hemmed Collection because it’s simple and pretty. I love the little details that aren’t overboard. (Shocking, I know!) I can’t vouch for this set more! Mean it. So soft and luxurious…

You can see everything I purchased here on my own page of their website…BUT this 15% off discount is only good through February 6. So if you need bedding, do it now.

Again, I don’t make money on this … just sharing it so you don’t miss the chance.

Or you can enter code SIMPLYORGANIZED15 at check-out.


Since I can’t keep house plants or trees living, I added a new faux tree in the bedroom…

( tree )

I still need to add some moss or something in the base / pot, but I love this tree. I’m sort of over the fiddle leaf figs we’re seen everywhere and this one looks so real. I love it!


Every January I create some sort of DIY board. Just depends on where I’m feeling most stressed. Seeing a visual calms me. You’ve seen me create these over the years, but here’s the 2022 boards…

I created one for the active projects in the queue (left) and the other to manage brand partnership deadlines / workflow (right). This has helped immensely and I’ll share more details about it soon!

Yes, I always sit on my countertop. (I’m kidding!)

Last day of January 2022! Hello, February…one month closer to another football season. Our niners lost last night. BUT am really looking forward to the Super Bowl Halftime Show…anyone else??



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