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Aug 29

Been a while since I’ve shared a personal update. Monday’s are office days and today find myself with a several pockets of time between calls. So why not share a random personal update!? Hope you’re doing well and the school year is off and running! By the way, let me know you’re still here reading…I see analytics and know you’re here, but drop me a comment so I can say hi!

Soooooo, where do I even begin?


You know I don’t share my kids often…it’s a rare occasion because I’m protective of how they feel being shared online or on social. But I am their mom therefore, from time to time, I’m going to gush. It’s what we do. So proud of these three and grateful to be their mom.

A few things…

How about starting with my little boy who somehow in the blink of an eye went from Kindergarten to Senior Year!??…

My heart!!! I swear, I’ll need to be medicated soon. This is not ok with me. Why does the time pass so quickly when they hit high school?

I am so proud of this one. Love him and look forward to many special events this school year, including his upcoming 18th birthday!

Graham is still playing football, is on the JV team and doing VERY well! Their first official game of the season was Friday in Napa. Excited to watch him from the bleachers all season!…

This is his sophomore year.

Natalie, who started 7th grade, got her braces off BEFORE the first day of school. My little beauty!…

It’s amazing how different they look after wearing braces for so long. She is VERY excited about her class this year. She is our swimmer and had an incredible swim season this summer.

I’ll share more about our summer trips another time – I really want to chat about our Mexico trip because it was beautiful and such a fun experience. Many of you may find it to be a great place to add to your travel list. But this summer I was excited to finally take Natalie to Disneyland. Last time we took her was when she was 3, I think! Too many years between! She took this picture one night…

It was just the two of us and we had a great time, although it was hot and we walked A TON…

She was a trooper going in the summer – but a great time nonetheless!

We went to Orange County a couple times as well. Love him and sneaking in photos when they aren’t looking. I did get a few after with him looking and smiling… I adore him!

And this was exciting experience for Natalie at an Angels game!…

Jared Walsh!

Story is….we were in the front row near 3rd base (Graham chose the seats). Players occasionally toss balls to the crowd during a game. But sometimes they specifically point at someone and toss the ball. BUT that doesn’t mean you catch it. Everyone around you sees it coming and they reach for it. And that’s what happened to Natalie. Walsh pointed her out, tossed the ball, and a dad next to her grabbed it. πŸ™

Walsh saw the whole thing and motioned to us “next time”. So at the end of the inning he personally walked it over and handed it to her. SO SWEET! We were freaking out! The boys were so excited too. Such a great memory! And to think she was so insistent on NOT going to the game. She wanted me to leave her at the airbnb…heck no, girl. You’re coming with us! And she was glad she did…a great time.

Anyway, awesome story for her and I’ll share more about our little summer trips later.


Still completely dedicated to the gym, but I’ve turned it up a notch – significantly. In previous posts I’ve shared my desire to train as if I was going to compete as a bikini competitor. Still very much have that desire. Why? I want to push the limits on mental toughness to see how and what I can accomplish. It’s not about achieving a look for superficial reasons. Never has been that way for me. It’s truly about seeing how far I can push myself, how strong I can get outside AND IN, and to see what my body is capable of. We never know what our bodies can do until we really dig deep.

I don’t like taking gym or body progress photos, but here’s one from the other day that shows my current body composition…as best or as comfortable as I am to snap it…

This topic does need a post all its own and I promise to post more about it because I do get asked a lot (esp from the social media communities) about the food I prep, what my workouts are like, etc. Also get asked about supplements. It’s a bit much for this post and would require some thinking for me to write it all up for you guys.

( leggings | top )

I’ve been reading and researching A TON about bikini workouts and meal plans, but ultimately…I’m going to need a coach. I’ve narrowed it down to about five. And will continue researching before landing on someone. I did a short assessment with one and he was incredible. He asked me to complete a long survey and submit a few photos. He then responded with some serious feedback on what he would do to get me to the goal. I wasn’t expecting such a detailed response, but I can see his reasoning. He is a bikini coach. And whether I am just doing this for a “transformation” or if I decided to compete once I really got into it, ultimately it’s up to him if he sees potential with me and if I’m a good fit for him / his program.

He told me I don’t have weight to lose but I do have a lot of muscle to gain. He couldn’t be more correct! But he did say it would be a solid year or more of building muscle to get me to where I am hoping to be. It’s true! I am toned, but I don’t have great muscles…and bikini is all about the glutes, quads and shoulders. Anyway, we’ll see.

I’m also VERY intrigued by 75 Hard. Another topic I’ll elaborate on another time, but you can read more about it online. It’s NOT a fitness program – it’s a mental toughness program. And the program actually runs a full calendar year – not only the initial 75 days. There is an element of fitness to the program, yes…but it’s mainly about digging in mentally, getting focused and completely transforming your life.

What has stopped me from starting 75 Hard? The no alcohol rule, to be honest – lol! Not because I drink heavily. It’s because I do enjoy a glass of wine on weekends or an occasional weeknight. My friends who know I want to start the program have asked why I can’t just modify the program and keep the occasional wine. BECAUSE THAT DEFEATS THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM. To be mentally tough and give up something. NO COMPROMISES. Compromises are what leads to that slippery slope….”well, it’s only one drink”…which then turns into “well, just two drinks”. Same is said for those who enjoy sweets. I personally don’t, but if you do and that’s your weakness … you have to give it up on this program. No compromises.

It’s about mental toughness.

I’ll keep you in the loop if I give it a shot! I’ve been proud of myself for getting through a gallon of water every day too! And reading 10 pages of a book…this is my current book…

But can’t lose the wine just yet – lol!

I’m still meal planning and eating healthy…

( my glass meal prep containers | cutting board )

The Sunday Fridge is back too!…

I refuse to give up my peppermint mocha creamer…no matter what, my morning is ruined without it! πŸ™‚

To throw in with my physical appearance / things I’m working on, years ago I got a tattoo on my inner left wrist. In general you don’t see it because it hides under my watch band. But I feel as if the tattoo served its purpose and would like it removed. It got me through a chapter but I’m ready to move on. I’m currently two treatments in and it’s already much lighter. Excited to see how it will look at the end…

After treatment one, the ink was much lighter but still very clear it was here. After treatment two, a portion of one of the letters is completely gone…and parts of other letters are as well. It’s only three letters in this word so it’s small and will be gone before I know it. Excited!


Anyone else happy concerts are back?? Last year we saw Luke Bryan for Aiden’s birthday – he was on my bucket list and it was an amazing concert! But this year so far I have crossed off two additional. One of them literally brought tears to my eyes because I love him that much!

Chris Stapleton!…

He sounds exactly as you hear him…but better! I just died, seriously. Every song was amazing and an incredible show!

I also saw Dierks Bentley a couple weeks ago…

Also one of my favorites! Some of his songs melt me! Yes, I love country.

Upcoming is Morgan Wallen and this weekend I may be at the Keith Urban concert. He’s not one of my favorites, but the tickets were an amazing opportunity…so why not! He does have some great songs…


Have some indoor and outdoor projects / updates to share!

In my last post I mentioned two area rugs were arriving…they are here and they are amazing! Small additions / edits change everything…one of those is wall-hangings (which I need to focus on soon!) and the other is adding area rugs. They mute sounds / echoes for sure, but they make it feel more like home. More comfortable and lived in. I am in love with our new family room area rug…

( area rug )

I found it at Ruggable. They have premium rug pads now, not only the standard thin pads they used to offer. So it helps in a cozy place like a family room to choose a premium pad. The color and pattern are so pretty! Proud of myself for adding color and not grabbing a muted, neutral tone.

Next is locating a coffee table or ottoman. Maybe a small side chair? Art? Built-ins around the fireplace?? …

( area rug | mirror | lanterns | basket | throw blankets )

Was VERY excited about the outdoor area rug too! It makes it much more comfortable out here because the concrete underneath isn’t pretty and it’s cracking, etc. Doesn’t feel that great underfoot. Looking forward to getting a couple small tables for drinks and snacks and spending a lot of time here the rest of the summer and into fall!…

( area rug | sectional )

I worked in my closet a bit this summer…

Found a great little dresser from Ikea (second hand), removed one of the hanging rods (not pictured), and organized as best as I could for the time being…

( baskets | jewelry organizer )

I LOVE the baskets up top! So pretty!!!

Also added on to my bedding collection. Everything was white so it was time to add color. I did that earlier this summer…

( sheets | blanket | throw blanket | shams | nightstand | alarm clock | lamp )

It’s Boll & Branch bedding. I went with the same bedding I have in white because their collections mix and match well.

Can’t wait to share the end result of the front door! Waiting on approval from The Home Depot before I upload all the content here…it’s a huge transformation!…

Here’s the before!…

Working on this project brought back all of my DIY feelings. Look forward to many more projects in this home!

This blog still means the World to me and I want to thank you for hanging in through the quiet phases. It’s great to be back more often and hope you’ve been enjoying the projects I’ve shared. Lots more to come…SO MANY to catch you up on!

Back soon with more guys!



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  1. jennibell says:

    Great update – so much going on!!
    Years ago, I think when it was still called “vlogging”, you did a supplement/exercise update from your closet I think? Anyway, what about doing that again — just talk to us as you would a client with recommendations or such? You could even outsource someone to actually write the blog post/content for you after you’ve uploaded the video (if you still wanted the information in print too). I do believe it was that content that got me into researching and adding supplements to my diet. I’m not “hard core” like you πŸ˜‰ but took to heart your advice to help ourselves out with changes in diet/lifestyle.
    Anyway, I do always enjoy your content — especially when you transform areas for YOU. Clients are great, of course, and business builders but getting to know the Sam behind the brand is great too πŸ™‚

    • Samantha says:

      Hi!! Great to see you!!!

      Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment! I love your suggestion and would be happy to do that. Need to dust off the camera / video camera to get back to vlogging. I know it’s impactful seeing someone speak to the camera as if we’re just having a conversation. Need help with video editing or something…I am always good with capturing the content, but getting to the point of editing takes time. Need someone! πŸ™‚

      Thank you so much again!!! xoxo

  2. Shannon says:

    So happy to see you and your family are doing well. Of course, I love all of your business content both here and IG, but appreciate your personal updates, Sam! Can you believe how fast the high school years go? I, too, have a high school senior as well as a college senior. As they say “the days are long and the years are short.” Wishing your kids a great school year & can’t wait to see that front door transformation!

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Shannon!

      Thank you for the note – love hearing from you guys! πŸ™‚ I couldn’t agree more with that quote and hold it so close … esp now that my son is less than a year away from heading to college. I want every last second I can get. I know they don’t really ever leave you, but I want him here all the time!

      Thank you!!!


  3. Sarah says:

    Wow! so much info! Love the indoor area rug and can’t wait to hear more about the fitness journey πŸ™‚

  4. Elicia Pieper says:

    Love the update. Keep them coming :).

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