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Sep 4

Seeing some good sales this weekend so I wanted to share things I own…AND LOVE…that are currently on sale. This is the real deal type stuff.

First of all, my long time friends here know I don’t particularly enjoy shopping. I’m the type who shops when I absolutely have to. But when I do, I buy items that are timeless and classic. This is across the board, by the way, from fashion to home decor. Secondly, I take VERY good care of my things. I’ve been that way since I was little. Soooo, buying timeless / classic + taking care of my things = Sam doesn’t have to shop very often. It’s a painful experience for me. Did I already say that?? 🙂

I also think I lean more dude than woman. ?? Why? Because I spend a lot of time in women’s closets and bathrooms. I see your beautiful handbags, shoes, beauty products…and realize just how minimalist I have become. How my wardrobe has essentially turned into black leggings / cute workout tops…or jeans and white tanks. Anyway, I should spend a little more time out of the Nordstrom athletic department. LOL!

Point being, if I ever share anything with you, I truly do love it … which means I know you will too!

I also almost never pay full price for anything.


Let’s start with my bedding. It’s on sale for 15% off…

( signature sheets | euro sham )

I have Boll & Branch in white and purchased the color Shore earlier this year. Their sheets are so soft! You’ll need to a use a code for the discount (not sponsored). It’s WELCOME15.

( waffle blanket )

This waffle blanket is lightweight which has been awesome this summer. If you’re in need of new sheets, I’d highly recommend these and definitely use the code for a discount!


Whenever I share my bedroom on social, I receive questions about my bedside table and lamp…

( bedside table | lamp | clock )

I found my bedside table at the Pottery Barn outlet. It has minor almost not noticeable scratches. It was a steal, but you can find it here on their website. And it’s currently on sale!

My lamp and clock are from Amazon. This lamp actually comes as a set of two for only $99! Very pretty and an amazing deal!

The clock is pretty too and you can set your phone on top to charge. Love this thing!


Kiehl’s is having their 25% off friends and family event. I LOVE Kiehl’s but don’t love their prices so this is when I buy my favorites.

Their ultra facial cream absorbs into your skin completely…does not sit on top or feel greasy. Many days I will add two layers and bring it all the way down my neck as well…

This eye cream for night…


I received this face wash as a sample, finally tried it one day and was blown away with how well it removes make-up. And my skin didn’t feel dried out. It was an oversized sample, but eventually I just bought a bottle. Love this stuff! For the last couple years, I have been using a combination of Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm and my go-to dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel. I’ve been a die-hard Special Cleansing Gel gal since my early 20s. But this could be my new replacement for the long-term. It lathers nicely too! I like that in a cleanser and shampoo…anyone else?

This is the only mask you need! Enough said! After this mask, I don’t need makeup. It leaves your skin flawless!

Anyway, I have a few other favorites but those are my staples. And all 25% off!


Walmart has been a pleasant surprise. Been finding great organizing products for projects and small things for the house. My home office mirror is currently on a rollback!

Have been browsing their home section for pieces to set up our office space / dining room. The dining room is directly across from my office…

I’m working on a plan to decorate the space so that it can multi-function as a dining room, kids space to do school work AND my teams office space. Walmart has some great items. Ikea does as well, but everything I want from Ikea is out of stock. Will keep you updated as this space develops!


Omg, my favorite sandals are available for a complete steal! I wear these ALL THE TIME! Every time I wear these people either compliment or ask where I purchased them from. I bought mine from Amazon a couple years ago, but they are available on the Steve Madden site too. They are on sale for $40 (down from $79!), BUT if you add this code (not sponsored) you save another $8!! Code = WELCOME-HPFH95. The code was added by my Honey coupon plugin. Wow!!!

I wear these with a dress, shorts or jeans…always works well!…

I have them in clear and nude, but I generally wear clear most often.

Hope you’re enjoying a great Labor Day weekend! We are having a MAJOR heat wave here in the Bay Area…and throughout the state. Keeping our firefighters and first responders AND utility workers in my thoughts.

Back soon with more!



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  1. Roberta says:

    The mirror from Walmart is fabulous, and who would ever know.
    Such a sleek design that can work in virtually any space,
    Thanks for sharing your fun find.

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