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Aug 22

I’ve mentioned I’m in the season of “let’s finally organize all things Sam”. Would you be shocked to know the list is long? I’m definitely the organizer organizing for everyone else and not herself. Two examples are easier website navigation and easier ways to find products we share, use and love. These are products from spaces we organize, items I love from my home or things I just truly love in general that may have nothing to do with organizing.

Not everyone is interested in joining Like to Know It – totally understand! But EVERYONE is familiar with Amazon. And believe it or not, I prefer to purchase many of our organizing products from Amazon as opposed to The Container Store. Will explain why below because there is definitely a time to buy from Amazon and times when it doesn’t make sense.

But anyway, one of the BTS projects has been cleaning up the Amazon Storefront and we’re pretty much there…with more fun things to come!

You can find the Simply Organized Amazon Storefront right here!

And here’s a quick video tour!…


If you don’t know what Like to Know It is, it’s essentially an app where you can follow people like me who share product recommendations. It makes it easy to locate a link to a product because we share an image, like this…

And attached to the image are links to all the products used in the space. That way if you love this look or think the system will work for you, you can click to buy.

We earn a very VERY small commission on products you purchase. Important to note: products you purchase from any link I share doesn’t mean you’re paying more. You pay the same price…I just earn a few pennies on the purchase. Of course, there are influencers (I don’t like that term!) who sell higher ticket items so their commissions are much much higher. I’m simply sharing little bins and baskets which are literal pennies in commission.

I joined Like to Know It to help the community…not because I was looking to cash in. I would receive countless questions after sharing an image on Instagram and couldn’t keep up with the answers. So I joined the program and it has helped a lot.

But Amazon is another story. Everyone knows and loves Amazon. I do frequently link to products from Amazon here on the blog and on social, but was hoping to create an organized space on the Amazon site where you can also find items by category or by images…as seen in the little video tour I gave you above. You can also follow me there to stay up to date when I add new products or images.


I think you probably know the answer here but Amazon does seem to have reasonable prices and there’s a variety of sellers. AND there’s the convenience of having products delivered directly to me or a client home. However, I am careful to make purchases from Amazon on only a few occasions – 1. If I’m buying in bulk and can ensure I receive it all in one shipment and 2. If The Container Store is out of stock on an item we absolutely need or the lead time is off the charts to get ahold of it.

I also LOVE the ease of Amazon returns. You will be surprised to hear this but The Container Store is not very organized. Their return process is a HUGE pain for someone like me who purchases in bulk, or most of the time…by the project. It’s too much to explain but trust me, Amazon’s return process is much more pleasant.

And finally, Amazon does have unique items that are somewhat similar to something you’d find at The Container Store or Target…but they are just special and a little different.

Here’s a few examples of products I truly love and use often…

( my glass meal prep containers )

( my desktop marble white board )


( my favorite acrylic wall spice racks )

This was a very small step-in pantry and made great sense on the empty wall…

( floor totes of all sizes )


( kitchen drawer and cabinet organizers )

The list goes on! I know you already know…Amazon to the rescue for lots of things, and in a pinch if needed.

I’ll continue to share updates but keep this page in mind because we will continue adding as our portfolio grows…and we go backwards to bring it up to date.

Happy Monday guys!



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