Video: Vertical Bike Organization

Aug 21

Always in search of ways to easily edit and share videos on the blog. What’s challenging is that all of my video content is shot vertically because it’s mostly shared on Instagram or TikTok. Vertical is where it’s at for those platforms. But don’t you dare post a vertical video on YouTube! Everyone loves the full screen, horizontal videos there. If I upload my vertical videos to YT I can easily embed them here for you…but it’s just not the same.

One of my goals this fall is working out the kinks in both video and photo. You have no idea HOW MANY photos are on my phone and how disorganized they are. I called an expert for help on that topic, but I’m afraid the video issue rests on my shoulders. I may need to begin shooting with 2 cameras – 1 vertical and 1 horizontal. It’s life!

Anyway, in my last post I shared with you a bike wall I installed and organized. This is the installation video where you can see the before, during and after…enjoy!


Look forward to sharing more of these short videos…and some longer form on YT!



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