Will This Work For You? It Depends!

Aug 21

Not every organization system or idea I share will work for you. But that’s exactly why I continue to share the projects. Because they MAY work for you.


Occasionally I share projects like this bike wall system and receive comments to the effect of “Well, that’s great but it won’t work for me!”. Followed up with their long list of obstacles and why it won’t work. True! It may not. Not everything shared will work for you and your situation. In that case, we’d need to figure out another system. But in the case of THIS FAMILY and THEIR GARAGE…this is what they wanted and is a system that works for them, their habits, their available space, etc.

It depends = The two words every family will hear from me at some point in the process. Because how I help you achieve the end goal depends on so many variables. And each and every one of those are deeply thought through in this crazy head of mine. If the system we implement fails, I failed you. I take that seriously!


I’ve previously completed many projects for this family so when Mom reached out about their garage I knew this system could possibly work well for them. She saw a similar system I shared on Instagram. Although I know their garage intimately, I still had to talk through all the variables in a system like this.

So before we decided to move forward, all the talking points were hashed out.


Before you consider a system like this, here’s a few of the points we covered.

  1. They have a two car garage, but only park one car inside. This means they can swing their car doors open without coming close to touching the bikes.
  2. They are not riding the bikes daily. If they were riding daily, I’d remind her these may end up sitting on the floor and not be hung back up every day. BUT if you’re the type of person who can handle that – great! If it will bug you to see the bikes on the floor, be prepared to hang them up every day. Especially if your children aren’t big enough to lift and mount them back on the wall.
  3. They can handle the weight of the bikes. If you physically can not lift the weight of your bike, this may not be a good system for you. It needs to be propped up on its rear wheel and then be lifted slightly to mount. Can you handle the weight?

We covered more, but this gives you an idea. There are other systems to consider BUT what I can’t do is make the bikes disappear completely. One of the biggest challenges I face in the garage work I do is explaining the expectations. You are going to have large, big ticket items in your garage that I can’t make disappear. Only way that will happen is if you get rid of it. It’s the facts! All we can do is take a thorough look at your space to determine if there’s room outside for a bike shed or shift other things around to make the floor a little less cluttered.

Anyway…here’s the after!

I did mount another shelf above the bikes. My saw wasn’t with me the day I installed the bike hooks, so I returned to add one existing shelf to provide more storage space. I have a video of the final space to share but am still working on how to get video embedded. Hang tight for that and additional videos!

These bike mounts can be hung directly into a wall stud or into a track, which is what I did here.

( track | bike hook )

So will this system work for you? It depends! Let me know if you have questions about this system – happy to elaborate!


This week I wrapped up a major transformation to the front door and can’t wait to share it with you! I partnered with The Home Depot to complete the project and can’t believe how amazing it turned out. Also can’t believe I worked with The Home Depot…hope to continue working together. Here’s the front door before…

The after is shocking. Will share as soon as I have the green light to do so.

Today is apparently an area rug day! Didn’t plan it that way!

I found an area rug for the family room that I’ll be installing today. It arrived this week. Took a while to find something. I purchased the white sectional from the RH outlet and I was drawn to something light and bright for the floor…but do realize I need to have color somewhere in the house AND I have kids who occasionally drop items or make a little mess. I ended up with a ruggable and was happy to see they now offer a thicker pad…which is nice for a living room space. I went with a blue shade and it’s so pretty in person!

Took me weeks to pull the trigger on this color. I was looking at the basic neutral hazel color, but now that the blue is here and out of the box – I love it!

More photos to come after I have it set up.

Our outdoor rug is arriving today from Pottery Barn…very excited to have a rug out here…

( sectional )

I removed the blue cushion covers to brighten the space. LOVE how it looks. But we definitely need a nice comfortable area rug under foot.

It’s VERY hot in the Bay Area so we haven’t been able to enjoy this space lately, but the temps will cool down a bit soon and when they do we’ll be prepared to BBQ and entertain out here. Or just hang out. This is the rug arriving today…

Really excited to see it!

Hope you’re enjoying a great weekend and will be back soon with more!



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